Nick Diaz late to UFC 137 conference call, did UFC drop the ball?


Just 10 days out from a pay-per-view event, The Ultimate Fighting Championship will be holding a media conference call to build up next Saturday's (October 29, 2011) UFC 137: "Penn vs. Diaz" event today, (October 19, 2011) at 2 p.m. ET.

Brian Hemminger here. The conference call is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. ET.

2:08 p.m.: No Nick Diaz, but the other three fighters are present.

Sorry folks, I can barely understand a word B.J. Penn is saying.

B.J. Penn: I'm a fan of Nick Diaz. I was a fan of Nick Diaz before he was in the UFC. I know Nick personally, I know Nate Diaz. Whatever they do, they're themselves. It's no problem. The only thing that bothers me is when Nick Diaz punches me in the nose in the Octagon.

B.J. Penn: for me it's always been a love/hate relationship with mixed martial arts and the UFC at times. You never know when you can get a title shot or that title. Look at Carlos Condit. You never know. I'd love to stick around as long as Randy stuck around. One day I want to fight 100 fights and the next day I don't want to fight anymore. I think a lot of other fighters feel the same way I'm just more vocal about it.

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Update: It appears that maybe the UFC staff may be to blame on Nick Diaz missing the UFC 137 press conference call, per UFC President Dana White:

I'm hearing UFC dropped the ball on the Nick Diaz no show today!! SUCKS

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Update 2:45 p.m.: Nick Diaz is on the line

Nick Diaz: I didn't even know about a call. I woke up, my phone was dead and my brother told me that I was supposed to be on the call. I didn't get any notice. I didn't hear anything about it until about fifteen minutes ago.

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USAF Imagery Analyst site profile image  

10/21/11 5:07 AM by USAF Imagery Analyst

If anything has Diaz in it, it just makes me zzz.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

10/19/11 9:54 PM by chaplinshouse

How can we trust Dana to run a main event if he can't even give his employee sufficient notice for a conference call? Lorenzo, you take the reigns. Dana, your new job for this UFC is supervisor of ticket booth. Get it right mmmk?

mexican jujitsu site profile image  

10/19/11 8:22 PM by mexican jujitsu

he was late...and dana admits there was a fuck up.....FIRE HIS ASS!!!!!

easedel site profile image  

10/19/11 8:17 PM by easedel

Holy fuck dude needs to grow the hell up. I hope dana fires him in the ring after the Penn fight regardless of win or loss.

n3m site profile image  

10/19/11 8:03 PM by n3m

Or take a percentage of his salary for each one he misses.

Leghound site profile image  

10/19/11 7:59 PM by Leghound

The same fucking idiots that say 'it's just a press conference' are the same that say 'the fighters aren't paid enough' and have zero comprehension of marketing and how that ends up flowing into a fighter's bottom line

spliff site profile image  

10/19/11 6:57 PM by spliff

 k1 fighter Albert Kraus 

Taz site profile image  

10/19/11 6:44 PM by Taz


TheSaver site profile image  

10/19/11 6:35 PM by TheSaver

Telling someone to get an education with incomplete sentences shows your lack of education. Graduate high school before you tell someone to get educated, jdalton.

Gilberg site profile image  

10/19/11 6:28 PM by Gilberg

this whtole situation is getting out of control...