Vinny Magalhaes $5,500 top earner at M-1 Challenge 27


M-1 Challenge 27 took place at the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, AZ and aired on the premium cable channel Showtime.

Despite disagreements with M-1 management Vinny Magalhaes was highest paid fighter. His fourth fight under the M-1 Global banner, Magalhaes finished Zayats with a one shot head kick followed by punches in the third round of their title bout.

American heavyweight Kenny Garner( $5,000), who captured the M-1 interim heavyweight title, was the second highest paid fighter on the card.

The figures reported to the state athletic commission do not include deductions for items such as insurance, licenses and taxes.

Daniel Madrid – $2,500
Tom Gallicchio – $3,000
Joshua Thorpe – $2,000
Yasubey Enomoto – $4,500
Eddie Arizmendi - $2,500
Artur Guseinov - $2,250
Kenny Garner - $5,000
Maxim Grishin - $2,000
Vinny Magalhaes - $5,500
Mikhail Zayats - $3,000

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Northside Strangler site profile image  

10/19/11 4:54 PM by Northside Strangler

 I doubt he left with 5k honestly. Melvin Manhoef "reportedly" made 5k in his fight with Robbie Lawler, while Lawler made 100K. Unless I hear other from Vinny I doubt this is the whole truth. 

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

10/19/11 12:36 PM by Barry_BondsMVP

Michael Myers>Jason

Mr Sponge site profile image  

10/19/11 11:11 AM by Mr Sponge

Wow vinny needs to be back in the ufc

croy_00 site profile image  

10/19/11 10:50 AM by croy_00

Well it is sad. Years off your life for $5000. Unless love of the sport is an acceptable payment method...

joker271 site profile image  

10/19/11 10:36 AM by joker271

i think 20k

vandelay site profile image  

10/19/11 10:32 AM by vandelay

Does anybody know what he made for winning the ADCC?? kinda off topic but im just curious

GriffinQ site profile image  

10/19/11 10:19 AM by GriffinQ

 Like I said..."attempting." The current economic climate definitely isn't helping their efforts, but as long as those three continue to win(and if Frankie can continue to finish), I can see there being an upwards trend in the amount of buys they get. And Anderson is assuredly a star in South America, and I think can be considered one in NA as well. The Rio show buys were definitely affected by a huge portion of the East Coast losing power that weekend, along with many bars not ordering it due to the weather conditions.

RsrvorDog site profile image  

10/19/11 10:18 AM by RsrvorDog

It's ok, Jason is a close personal friend and I took no offense to it.  We like to argue all the time.  I  made my post to stir him up some.  He just forgot that some people might not know that we are friends and will look at it as bashing me.  It's ok, next time I'm at his house, I will leave him an upper decker.  

jjj2121 site profile image  

10/19/11 10:12 AM by jjj2121

 Frankie just headlined and sold 175k PPVs.  They've got a long way to go on him.  Cain has a long way to go also.  Jones is the closest thing they've got and he moved what 400k against Page?  Anderson is probably a star at this point, but the Rio show didn't move a ton of PPV's either.  2011 has been a terrible PPV year for the UFC.  I believe they've cracked 500k buys TWICE - Silva/Belfort and Shields/GSP..  That's way off of 2010.

GriffinQ site profile image  

10/19/11 10:07 AM by GriffinQ

Anderson. And they're attempting it with Frankie and JBJ and Cain.