Nick Diaz says B.J. Penn is better than GSP

by Jeff Cain | source:

“I think B.J. is a lot better fighter to be honest with you, on a technical standpoint. He’s much better at jiu-jitsu, boxing, even on a physical level I wouldn‘t count him out. I don’t think he should be fighting at this weight,“ said Diaz on a recent media conference call. “I think he’s a much better fighter than GSP all-around.

Diaz isn’t happy about fighting Penn, someone he knows, likes, and has trained with in the past

“I’m not happy about it at all. I’m fighting a guy that’s my friend, or was my friend and now I’m fighting this guy. I’ll be set to fight,” said Diaz. “I signed to fight a certain guy (St-Pierre). I thought we had a deal. That’s kind of where I’m at on it

“I’m going to deal with it. This is hard times, just like it’s been. I’m not expecting it to get any easier,” he continued. “This definitely doesn’t make it any easier. I don’t like fighting people that I already know, or I’ve already met, or trained with, or have video on me. We’ve spent a lot of time training together. It’s kind of shady feelings going into fights like that. I’m just doing what my manager says.”

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lionsoul site profile image  

10/24/11 9:37 PM by lionsoul


AlphaMaleJP site profile image  

10/24/11 9:36 PM by AlphaMaleJP

Completely agree... Bj always comes to fight and gsp use to come to fight pre Serra 1. Now he's only concerned with winning no matter how boring it is.

KrmtDfrog site profile image  

10/24/11 9:15 PM by KrmtDfrog

"Nick Diaz says B.J. Penn is better than GSP"nope.avi

Ronin Burgundy site profile image  

10/24/11 9:10 PM by Ronin Burgundy

Different mentality. Just Scrap vs Just WinFighter vs SportsmanFinish vs Decision As a fan, I'll take the Left side everytime

ALL DAY JAY site profile image  

10/24/11 6:19 PM by ALL DAY JAY


Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

10/24/11 4:34 PM by Gokudamus stole my name

Jack Furious - In what fantasy world would you pick Jose Aldo over Tito Ortiz in a fight?

Zaph site profile image  

10/24/11 4:34 PM by Zaph

Cool. No harm done, but thanks for clarifying. I was a bit confused for a minute. :-)

MattyECB site profile image  

10/24/11 4:30 PM by MattyECB

HAahhaa, I totally did quote the wrong thing. I was bitching at lionsoul for whining about GSP's weight, then saying Edgar has nothing to do with GSP-Penn comparisons. Also how he's pretending to know what aspects of a fight are determined by physical qualities and what aspects by technical, his decision completely biased, and not to mention he clearly gives preference to certain physical aspects, again with a bias to support his penn-nuthuggery.Course, even then I wasn't on the right page for what I was gonna quote XD This was last night while I was procrastinating for a neurology midterm.

Jack Furious site profile image  

10/24/11 2:11 PM by Jack Furious

Gokudamus stole my name - face, meet palmI guess Tito Ortiz is better than Jose Also too the, right?

lionsoul site profile image  

10/24/11 1:23 PM by lionsoul

These guys are a bunch of children...