Top 10 post-fight celebrations in MMA

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They're the touchdown dance of MMA.

After a brutal knockout or slick submission, many fighters have some type of unique way to celebrate their victory. For some, it may be a simple fist pump, while others may perform a backflip off the cage.

No matter how they go about doing it, post-fight celebrations are a great way for fighters to show their own personality inside the cage. Of course, some fighters simply have more personality than others, and those are the fighters you can expect to see in this list.

Here are the top 10 post-fight celebrations in MMA history.

10. Roy Nelson

9. Tank Abott

8. Rashad Evans

6T. Josh Barnett

6T. Thiago Silva

5. Ronaldo Souza

4. Chuck Liddell

3. Quinton Jackson

Quinton Jackson's trademark howl is downright goosebump-inducing. Before a fight, it simply means Jackson is about to walk out of the tunnel and toward the Octagon.

After a fight, it is the last thing Jackson's opponents want to see, since it would likely mean they are just regaining their senses from a temporary state of unconsciousness.

2. BJ Penn

Who ever said MMA fighters didn't have to be at least a little bit crazy?

Like a wild animal that just finished consuming its prey, B.J. Penn licks his opponent's blood off his own gloves.

It's part badass and part disgusting, but it's definitely one of the best celebrations in MMA.

1. Tito Ortiz

For years, Tito Ortiz dug the graves of many opponents as UFC light heavyweight champion.

However, a rough patch in his career meant that fans went nearly five years without seeing the most well-choreographed celebration in the sport.

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ClinchedUp site profile image  

10/24/11 10:52 PM by ClinchedUp

Tito deserves the number one spot hands down.

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10/24/11 7:43 PM by Diesel67

 Steve Cantwell pantomiming breaking Razak al-Hassan's arm:

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10/24/11 3:31 PM by azamc69

*Correct list3. Aldo backflip2. Alvarez better backflip1. Bisping after Rivera TKO :)

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10/24/11 2:43 PM by nyhcloyalty

No Baroni = bullshit.

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10/24/11 2:18 PM by stonepony

How about the Asian guy who back-flopped off the cage?

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10/24/11 2:04 PM by Evil Intentions

Please stop having BleacherReport "articles " as News. For one, they aren't and two, bleacher sucks!