Fabricio Werdum calls out Brendan Schaub

by Guilherme Cruz | source: tatame.com

Fabricio Werdum is negotiating with the UFC, and he already has a target for his return to the octagon.

Brendan Schaub, I’m ready for you. Anytime, anywhere”, Werdum tweeted on Monday. Schaub, Who defaated Mirko Cro Cop and Gabriel Gonzaga before suffering his first los since TUF Finale, by the hands of Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira, at UFC Rio. “Great fight for the UFC fans”, Fabricio added.

Since losing to Alistair Overeem, on Strikeforce GP’s semifinal. Werdum is reportedly in talks to return to the UFC, and his coach Rafael Cordeiro told TATAME he’s wants to fight in December, on Strikeforce or the UFC.

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superCalo site profile image  

10/25/11 10:31 PM by superCalo

Lost a bit of respect for Werdum.Calling out a guy whose chin has been well and truely exposed twice now, easy matchups are fine but this is just wrong.Werdum is a top hW he should be calling out the winner of Brock vs Reem, he needs a top fight against elite competion if he is to prove he still elite rather than calling out guys who have no business being in the octagon with him.

LeisterBowlingIII site profile image  

10/25/11 10:24 PM by LeisterBowlingIII

Ya guys coming off losses to Cain Velasquez and a win over couture and the other guy had a win over Barry and a loss to Mir, I understand now! Schaub is looking for easy fights especially now with werdum! Thanks for explaining it in a way that made my ignorant ass can understand! Schaub is obviously the devil and a terrible human being! I will make him pay for that at practice tomorrow! Hahahahahaha

LeisterBowlingIII site profile image  

10/25/11 10:05 PM by LeisterBowlingIII

What would get you further in a career up and comers or proven legends of the sport?

Zomby site profile image  

10/25/11 9:59 PM by Zomby

No calling out fighters that are coming off losses is a bitch move, especially when they haven't looked good in their last couple of fights.Why can't he call out young up and comers? or guys on a win streak????

LeisterBowlingIII site profile image  

10/25/11 9:46 PM by LeisterBowlingIII

People love to hate. He is young and confident and he calls out tough fights. Everyone thinks he is disrespectful for calling out crocop and nog but those haters are the ones being disrespectful for calling legends like nog and crocop washed up. Brendan is a pleasure to coach and is a sponge when it comes to learning. I Couldn't ask for more in an athlete. Is he cocky and confident? Yes, but his mental state I one of his biggest attributes. You won't make it too far in this sport of you dot believe in yourself.

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

10/25/11 9:14 PM by KevinMcAllister

 They played ya like damn fiddle!

ThatsHowIRoll site profile image  

10/25/11 9:12 PM by ThatsHowIRoll

 It's just his face...... Ref: CB Dollaway

MMALOGIC site profile image  

10/25/11 5:53 PM by MMALOGIC

 this fight is pretty much set.

BobD site profile image  

10/25/11 5:45 PM by BobD

I don't get the Schuab hate, I really don't.  He's not a disrespectful ass, his team mates ALL speak well of him, his coaches love his work ethic.  He asks for fights, but everyone does.  What does this kid do to piss so many UG'ers off?

LeisterBowlingIII site profile image  

10/25/11 5:16 PM by LeisterBowlingIII

I am assuming u meant Schaub left grudge... He went to imperial for a week to help rashad but he still trains at grudge/eastons bjj