Diaz: I wish I had taken boxing option over UFC

by Steven Marrocco | source: mmajunkie.com

Nick Diaz was on the precipice of a move to boxing as part of his previous contract with Strikeforce. However, UFC president Dana White convinced him to sign a new deal, and a big deal at that – a shot at Georges St-Pierre's welterweight title at UFC 137.

Diaz notoriously lost the title opportunity by no-showing a press conference, and was relegated to the undercard. Then GSP injured his knee, and Diaz was back as the main event, now facing former training partner BJ Penn at UFC 137 on Saturday.

Just 72 hours before fight time, Diaz voices regret. "If I had my chance to do it over again, I would have gone back to the boxing contract."

"I would have took my punches, win or lose. Just done my job: fight and get paid."

"I'm sure [the UFC] would have had me back here, or somewhere. You want to see a pro boxer fight MMA, and then you have yourself a high-level pro boxer that's coming back. So in my opinion – I don't really think about it until it's all over with – but I figure I would have made plenty of money here, and then would have made more money later.

"It definitely would have worked out if I had done what I had set out to do."

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UFC 137 airs Saturday night, live on PPV from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Slipperypescado site profile image  

10/28/11 12:07 AM by Slipperypescado

 Gegard Mousasi  an ammy boxer went on win Strikeforce LH World Title..  Also a former K1 heavywieght Champion and beat the current K1 Heavywieght Champion.. I am not here to talk shit about the actual athletes who actually COMPETE.. Diaz can do wtf he wants.. Prolly do pretty good.

captain_underwear site profile image  

10/28/11 12:07 AM by captain_underwear

I understand where he is coming from. The 'politics' of the UFC are asinine in the extreme, DFW may have gotten the UFC where it is today, but I for one cannot stand the idiot system of who gets what fights, based simply on what they think they can get ($$$) out of the situation.Institute a decent ranking system and for gods fucking sake get some judges worth half a shitUFC is only OK anymore, these fucking dunderheads are ruining it

Stryfe1982 site profile image  

10/27/11 11:37 PM by Stryfe1982

If Nick would have went straight into boxing fighting against the likes of Lacy and Roy Jones Jr, he would have gotten beat up then knocked out.He probably could work his way up fighting bums the same way Kimbo is doing. Once Nick faces a journeyman or washed up former champ, I think he would hit the road block.It probably would be smart money wise to jump straight in with Roy Jones but it would also be career suicide. He might have made a few million to get embarrassed and knocked out. Working his way up from bums, I say he never makes it to a huge payday against a big name boxer. Journeyman would take him out before he gets there.

The Sultan site profile image  

10/27/11 11:31 PM by The Sultan

 No one truly knows how Nick would have done at boxing, but I agree that its not a great idea to fight people in a sport where they have spent their entire lives working on that particular skill.

OneScoup site profile image  

10/27/11 11:29 PM by OneScoup

I don't see him doing well in boxing. I just don't see it.

eljamaiquino site profile image  

10/27/11 11:28 PM by eljamaiquino

Klichtko got Ko'ed cold at WAKO European Kickboxing Championships, 1992. Then went to boxing and became World champ. He's never even been knocked down in regular boxing...

eljamaiquino site profile image  

10/27/11 11:24 PM by eljamaiquino

Vitali Klitchko is a kickboxer who went to boxing and became a world champ, so I think he proves my point better than yours. So was Ricky Hatton. Many European boxers went from kickboxing to boxing. Didn't Samart Payakaroon go from Thai boxing to winning a WBC Boxing Title? How many boxers have gone the other way? I can't think of a one....

DoubleWhopperCombo site profile image  

10/27/11 10:52 PM by DoubleWhopperCombo

My money would be on Vitali Klitchko if he went into K-1 and fought any heavyweight there. You would have to be a god damned fool if you think Vitali wouldn't fuck those guys up!

DoubleWhopperCombo site profile image  

10/27/11 10:50 PM by DoubleWhopperCombo

The whole point you seem to totally ignore is the fact that these boxers who competed in K-1 were beyond washed up! They were looking to collect pay checks. They were years away from their prime and they were still able to win and be competitive in K-1That would never happen in boxing. Ray Sefo is primarily a puncher and so is Mighty Mo. Their punches didn't accomplish shit in the very lower levels of boxing...Fuck talking about "weapons" or who was able to use what! These K-1 fighters should have went out there and headkicked the boxer to sleep in the first round. Botha beat Le Banner in K-1. It should have never happened. A washed up K-1 fighter years away from his prime is not going to go into boxing and beat anyone in the top 10 yet washed up boxers were able to do it in K-1. No matter what the fuck you say, that should not happen... It's embarrassing to K-1 any way you cut it. Bob Sapp beating Hoost, a K-1 legend also says a lot. Embarrassing!

Proteus The Invincible site profile image  

10/27/11 10:38 PM by Proteus The Invincible

Nick is unhappy, stressed, and doesn't know which direction he should be going. You wouldn't ask a person you know who's always depressed how they're feeling if you didn't want to hear their negative attitude, and it's the same thing with Nick. Don't read or watch his interviews if you don't want to hear it, because you know what you're going to get. And if all that you came here to do is complain, you're just whining about somebody else whining.