M-1 calls Monson an 'American hero', Miletich says 'not even close'

by Kelsey Mowatt | source: fcfighter.com

M-1 Global has been releasing promotional videos for the upcoming Moscow tilt, which feature both Fedor and his veteran opponent Monson.

One of the  videos refers to Monson as an “American Hero”, before reminding viewers that the renowned grappler “has beaten many great fighters” and is out to “conquer Fedor.” Former UFC champion Pat Miletich won’t be referring to the 40 year-old-heavyweight as a national hero anytime soon.

“Jeff and I have had some Twitter wars over it,” Miletich said about Monson, a self identified anarchist, who has been a vocal critic of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, American foreign policy, and the nation’s political system. “I think from a certain foreign stand-point, Jeff Monson may be considered an American hero; from a true American stand-point Jeff Monson is nowhere near. That term never even arises in anyone’s mind with common sense American thinking.”

Jeff Monson, in his statements throughout time, has proven to be flat-out, anti-American."

“I’m sure it’s just to promote the fight. A Russian and world legend like Fedor Emelianenko taking on an America fighter ... From a promotional stand-point it’s a good angle to take.Like I say, a Russian legend against an American fighter with a fairly big name, who’s been around in several major organizations. So it’s about marketing and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“I think Monson’s plan is going to be lay-and-pray. Fedor has never really changed his style for anybody, he goes for the kill every fight, so he’s probably going to want to stop Monson’s takedowns and force him to bang with him…If I was a betting man I’d be betting on Fedor.”

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Eliddle site profile image  

10/29/11 3:55 PM by Eliddle

It would be nice if most political views were based on sound reasoning and the issues, but when you come from a country where a large amount of people's political views are "My daddy voted Republican/Democrate so I am too.", you see the result.People blindly following one side or the other. No one taking the middle ground. We've gotten to a point is society where something is either "Epic" or a "Fail". So many people have lost the ability to see both sides.

HoudiniMac site profile image  

10/29/11 3:05 PM by HoudiniMac

nothing against monson good views good outlook stands up for what he believes in. a Hero he is not.

HoudiniMac site profile image  

10/29/11 3:02 PM by HoudiniMac

The only hero in MMA is BRIAN STANN

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

10/28/11 11:05 PM by ABE FROMAN

These military and 'I'm amuurican' guys need to stop targeting Monson to air their greivances. He didn't contact you nor did he add you to anything he said, find something else to do.

Wasa-B site profile image  

10/28/11 11:04 PM by Wasa-B

His face did look a bit like it was melting

Wasa-B site profile image  

10/28/11 11:03 PM by Wasa-B

No difference in pollution, resources, population from even 20 years ago, as long as we're still "here"?

Wasa-B site profile image  

10/28/11 11:01 PM by Wasa-B

But who are those guys exactly?

Wasa-B site profile image  

10/28/11 11:00 PM by Wasa-B

Yeah, he's on the wrong side of the arguement but he aint full neck tard. I give him respect for at least trying to have a discussion, debate, asking questions.

Musashi site profile image  

10/28/11 9:18 PM by Musashi

HELWIG is a bit soft in the head but he means well.

z00f site profile image  

10/28/11 9:17 PM by z00f

the fuck? how do you respond to these delusional ramblings.. there is plenty to argue about here but how the fuck do you figure right wing activists are less likely to engage in violent acts than left wing activists. what planet are you from? talk about bias are you going full retard now?