Ian McCall wants to creep his way into the UFC

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Attn: Joe Silva!!!!!!!!!!

From: Uncle Creepy
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K so on a night where Bj fights Diaz (huge)!!!!

I know you lurk the UG!!!!! Don't lie!!!!! ;)

I am gonna bug you again!!!! (not enough !!!!!!!!)'s

Building the smaller weights with TUF was a grat idea! This is a great season for TUF, with the UFC on FOX now that means more fights for the fans!!!!!

Pleaseeeeeeeeeee let me fight someone for flyweight belt!!! You can put me up against anyone you chose my match making sexy friend!!!!!!

Think of the epicness of this UG if I fight Joseph or mighty mouse or whoever recently will drop to 125 that will be fireworks of just beating the shit out of eachother!!!!! Plus we enjoy it!!!

I'm not a boring champion (not to name names) ;)

Be let's be honest here, I dont hold people down when I get it to the ground I punch kick and elbow the shit outta em!!!! Anyone that has seen me fight at flyweight knows this!!!

I know ur creeping silva!!! Ur out there lurking especially tonight!!

Uncle creepy will make u proud, let the fans pick the fight or you pick it.
- #1 flyweight in the world
- #1 creeper in the world
- your boy, Ian McCall!!

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BlahBreh site profile image  

11/8/11 11:18 AM by BlahBreh

Ya Ian already is the world flyweight champion though, so you'd think him vs. JB would be for the belt, MM clearly stated he's not dropping to flyweight

Chris27 site profile image  

11/8/11 9:01 AM by Chris27

UFC Flyweight Championship Tournament.McCallBenavidezMighty MouseUrushitaniLets see who the 125 king is.Doubt they would do it though.the real question is, no disrespect to McCall, he is a great fighter, great champ, imo 1 or 2 in the world at 125 but if the uFC did add Flyweights, made a title fight I have to think it would be JB vs MM first, just cause they are both known fighters, WEC and now UFC, both fought Cruz for the BW title. I know Creepy was a WEC fighter and lost to Cruz but he isnt as known as MM and JB so for the first UFC Flyweight title fight I have to think ti would be JB/MM. Or maybe they would bring all of them into the org, have some fights and then determine the two contenders, I dont think they would just have a title fight right away with neither JB/MM having any Flyweight fights.but man McCall vs JB, MM, Dodson, Urushitani, would be sick.

CHiLLEN site profile image  

11/8/11 7:51 AM by CHiLLEN


CindyO site profile image  

11/8/11 6:38 AM by CindyO

 TTT for Uncle Creepy;) Cindy

Uncle Creepy site profile image  

11/7/11 8:37 PM by Uncle Creepy

Awesome post!! Lmao!

Uncle Creepy site profile image  

11/7/11 8:37 PM by Uncle Creepy

Lol love it! My stache!!

EBM site profile image  

11/7/11 12:49 PM by EBM

Get this creepy SOB in The UFC already!!!*kisses 8X10 poster of Ian McCall**caresses and plays with Ian McCall voodoo doll*

RickStorm site profile image  

11/7/11 12:41 PM by RickStorm


BlahBreh site profile image  

11/5/11 12:08 AM by BlahBreh

Had a team meeting Ian decided he wanted to stay at 125 but the UFC called anyways and said he wasn't a good fit for the show. Went both ways, they need to open up 125's and give Ian benevidez.

ZJJitsu705 site profile image  

11/4/11 11:57 PM by ZJJitsu705

ttt =}D