Aleks and Gegard shark bait for Fedor


A staple of MMA training is having a succession of fresh opponents go after the fighter in preparation in some way relevant to fighting. Below, former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Gegard Mousasi and the most scariest man in the world, Fedor's brother Aleks, drill him in explosive escapes.

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Telamon site profile image  

11/2/11 11:37 AM by Telamon

I have to agree. Fedor looks as strong as ever physically but the training videos don't look good to me. I think Fedor has lost his way and is done as a fighter. He'll still KO plenty of people but it's more like Tyson when he came back; defense gone, training to look good and not really upping your skills, etc.

fight4real site profile image  

10/31/11 10:21 PM by fight4real

 Kind of off topic but... They didn't sink into that mat at all. Big guys and no depression? What surface is that? Concrete? hahaha

eljamaiquino site profile image  

10/31/11 6:39 PM by eljamaiquino

+1. M1 shoulda paid Vinny his money. If you face a guy who's gonna use grappling to try to win, you should have gotten the best grappler available to try and train with. No way can Aleks and Gegard emulate the level of an ADCC winner...

ausgepicht site profile image  

10/31/11 6:33 PM by ausgepicht against variations in side control?!?! DEATH PENALTY!!!   

goku site profile image  

10/31/11 6:19 PM by goku

 lol..correct...being flat on your back is way different than being on the side

HELWIG site profile image  

10/31/11 6:12 PM by HELWIG

 Not liking this footage

Cann site profile image  

10/31/11 6:02 PM by Cann

Cool grappling footage, I wonder if anyone taught Fedor how to escape when someone has full mount on him though?

Radford Martel site profile image  

10/31/11 3:41 PM by Radford Martel

It looks like Fedor started cheating and turning to his side before the training partner could settle in side control !

Doctor mma site profile image  

10/31/11 1:13 PM by Doctor mma

 Its great that Alex lets Fedor escape, but I doubt Monson does the same, Going to bet big on Monson on this one.

HighBastard site profile image  

10/31/11 1:10 PM by HighBastard

i could see fedor exploding out of side mount and ending up in monsons north south choke