Eddie Alvarez asked to buy a stake in Bellator

by Loretta Hunt | source: si.com

Bellator Fighting Championships lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez got the news that Viacom had purchased a majority share of the promotion he fights for along with everyone else this week.

“Originally, when the UFC purchased Strikeforce, I got very on edge,” said Alvarez. “I called Bjorn Rebney to ask him if there was any possible way that I could buy stake in Bellator. The way (the UFC) was buying up promotions like that, I didn’t want them to come in on Bellator without me being able to capitalize on it.”

Rebney had been open to the idea of his star fighter purchasing stake in the company, said Alvarez, but followup discussions never happened.

“You’re going to see, and mark my words, I’m going to say it now. Spike TV is behind Bellator now. Watch how good Hector Lombard becomes. Watch how good I become. Watch how good Zach Makovsky becomes overnight as soon they start promoting us. Look how excellent of fighters we become. The reality is I’m not any better today than I am tomorrow. It’s just more people will know.”

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Mertvaya Ruka site profile image  

11/1/11 6:14 PM by Mertvaya Ruka

I've never thought of fighting like a regular day job.It is a very competitive sport, all fighters seem to be in it, or most of it, to be the best... if not, what's the point? Why take some much risk just for an income.You are making a very naive comment for someone who signed up in 07.

BrockbackMountain site profile image  

11/1/11 5:00 PM by BrockbackMountain

Do you care more about how much your job pays you or how "historical" you are?

Mertvaya Ruka site profile image  

11/1/11 4:58 PM by Mertvaya Ruka

well, I also remember Alvarez claiming he's the best LW out there and that it's all about hype.Pretty interesting, while at the same time clinging to Bellator and not doing anything to prove you are actually the best.Hypocrisy.

The Last Emperor site profile image  

11/1/11 1:54 AM by The Last Emperor

I've always wanted to see an Eddie Alvarez vs. Nick Diaz fight. Would be epic.

BzGrappla site profile image  

10/31/11 10:51 PM by BzGrappla

Eddie already stated its about making alot of money first and formost for his family. I dont think he cares what org he fights in as long as he is still gonna get compensated what he is use to making.

grkblood site profile image  

10/31/11 9:49 PM by grkblood

 misleading thread title is misleading

Mertvaya Ruka site profile image  

10/31/11 9:23 PM by Mertvaya Ruka

sadly, we'll never find out, pretty grim outlook for a young fighter fighting for a spot in this sport's history.oh wait, he's after money. nevermind.

pidgey site profile image  

10/31/11 9:19 PM by pidgey

Eddie wrecked Huerta who was top 3/5 in the UFC where he never been finished, i dont think he'd have amy problem to hang in the UFC

Astronaut site profile image  

10/31/11 9:18 PM by Astronaut

Who is there out there after Chandler?JAdamba? Winner of Freire/Pellegrino? Noons? McKee?Pretty slim pickings

Mertvaya Ruka site profile image  

10/31/11 8:56 PM by Mertvaya Ruka

lol @ baby fedor