Manager: Condit upset with GSP, not UFC

by Mike Chiapetta | source:

"Dana always does the right thing and in this case, he'll do the right thing again," he said.

Kawa said he tried to keep things in perspective by noting that he originally got Condit moved into the title slot with some hustle of his own, and that sometimes, that sort of thing works against you. He even candidly admitted that if he was Diaz's manager, he would have lobbied for the fight, too.

"Are we pissed off about it? Absolutely," he said. "But it's not like I've never been on other end of stick where I put one of my fighters ahead of someone else and another guy got shafted or screwed over. It's just business, it's not personal. It's nothing personal with Georges. Are we upset with him? Absolutely."

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FightersMarketing site profile image  

11/2/11 5:33 PM by FightersMarketing

I agree I think Condit would of beat GSP. Although Condit lacks takedown defense.

arclight site profile image  

11/2/11 4:11 PM by arclight

This is a lot of excuse making for Diaz. A level of excuse making no one rationally tries (or needs) to pull off for any pro fighter at this level.When you get to this level you are expected to perform on what you agree to do. This is not the bush league, this is not high school. There are consequences. When you have assurances from the fighter and the manager that he is going to be there then are you supposed to then have a chaperone there? Surveillance? A backup attendee - seriously, it's a headline fight that Nick is in. The presser is HIS presser. There's no backup to Nick's attendance.It's silly. No amount of rationalization changes the fact that Diaz and his fans think Nick deserves extra credit for something that a normal person or every other pro fighter at this level just does. Beginning of mess: Diaz does everything humanly possible to not make his flights, not attend pressers, and even escape the house of his coach, in order to for all intents and purposes completely screw up the normal order of things in pre-fight PR, and hamper the already-touchy relationship between himself and the UFC.UFC refuses, as per good policy in general, to be held hostage by the psych/personality disorders of a particular fighter, and drops Nick from the match. Condit gets the call.Flash forward, Nick blatantly calls out GSP after his fight in order to get the match by goading GSP publicly - it works, Condit is now out of his title shot.The equation begins and ends with Nick's actions. End of story. No one put Condit in the position to be in the title match, and then have it taken away, except for Nick.people are trying to justify attitude and behavior from a grown man that they might give an ass-chewing to an adolescent for. It's amazing really.

romophobia site profile image  

11/1/11 4:21 PM by romophobia

 On any give Saturday night, Carlos is capapble of beating any WW on the UFC roster. He gets no respect. He will get his chance. He will hold the belt in the future.

Kangamangus site profile image  

11/1/11 4:21 PM by Kangamangus

You should know by now that all the fights that happen or get picked to happen are the ones with the most hype. Diaz knows how to sell a fight and that's $ for the ufc. That's business fair an square. He trashtalks to get the fight he wants.

MrHensonPredictsEm site profile image  

11/1/11 4:01 PM by MrHensonPredictsEm

 He beat the tar out of Penn and Daley. If you want to discredit Daley, than you should remember he TKO'd Kampmann after Kampmann beat Condit.

chuckles1 site profile image  

11/1/11 3:22 PM by chuckles1

Crook laying it down!

UB13 site profile image  

11/1/11 2:26 PM by UB13

Condit has a right to be annoyed, but I'd far rather see GSP fight Diaz anyway. Think Diaz is the right fight to get GSP out of his rut of "being safe" and controlling the fight with his jab and actually try to finish him off.

Carlos ConDOit site profile image  

11/1/11 12:07 PM by Carlos ConDOit

Diaz didnt earn anything.

Arecsa site profile image  

11/1/11 11:39 AM by Arecsa

Taking Jon Fitch to an arguable draw earlier this year, yeah anybody at 170 could do that. Please. Current BJ smashes through the majority of the WW division.

Jaybrone site profile image  

11/1/11 10:32 AM by Jaybrone

 An I the only person who thinks beating the current BJ at 170 doesnt mean a whole lot? The guy has a horrific record outside of 155 lbs. I would much rather see Condit fight some one who actually has a winning record in the division over fighting BJ.