Koscheck in training, says to Condit Now you have 0 chance

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MMA matchmaking is like New England weather - if you don't like a scheduled fight, just wait a minute.

GSP was of course set to fight Nick Diaz in a champion vs champion matchup for the UFC welterweight title. Then Diaz noshowed a press conference, and Dana White unceremoniosuly pulled him from the title fight (and an estimated $2,000,000 percentage of the PPV payday) and replaced him with 'The Natural Born Killer', Carlos Condit.

When a last minute knee inury forced GSP out of the UFC 137 fight, Josh Koscheck offered to step up and take on Condit. Condit declined, opting to wait for a title shot. Then Diaz so incensed GSP with his post fight provocation that Condit was set aside, and replaced with Diaz as the next title challenger.

Condit was promised a title shot, but is taking a fight in the interim.

Condit’s agent Malki Kawa said yesterday that a "curly haired blonde" was among Condit's possible next opponents. The phrase would seem to indicate the next likely opponent is:

Richard Simmons (very dirty blonde)

Carrot Top (it's dye)

or, most likely

Josh Koscheck

Kawa's statement spurred the curly haired Koscheck to take to Twitter and goad Condit:

"Just thinking! That dude [Carlos Condit] should of took the fight with me on a week notice [because] if he HAD a chance 2 make it a close fight, it was then. NOW 0 chance."

"Hey KAWA don't open ur mouth bc your (client) CAN'T cash this #kos-CHECK!!!!!!!"

"Just for the recored, I'll be ready to fight again by Feb 4 :) Training for_____________????"


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cool ya self site profile image  

11/7/11 10:28 AM by cool ya self

Very risky fight for Condit if he takes it. He should fight someone like Diego... get a good win and fight for the title.

P.V.Jena site profile image  

11/2/11 1:31 PM by P.V.Jena

He's already lost to GSP twice though. Even if one wasn't a title shot, three matches is a lot considering the last two were both unanimous decision losses.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

11/2/11 1:21 PM by Chimonos Revenge

Condit would KO Fraggle Rock

buckshot44 site profile image  

11/2/11 1:18 PM by buckshot44

 This + 10 internets.

MaliceX site profile image  

11/2/11 11:46 AM by MaliceX

Kos is too much for Condit

Lite site profile image  

11/2/11 11:44 AM by Lite

Wow, tough fight for Condit. This is happening?

JTfromCharlotte site profile image  

11/2/11 10:41 AM by JTfromCharlotte

The idea of Kos/Condit makes me happy.

Whambo site profile image  

11/2/11 10:26 AM by Whambo

Only problem with this fight is if GSP beats Diaz, and Kos beats Condit what then? Kos vs GSP 3?Condits fight is for the #1 contender. While I like the fight, it makes more sense to match the #1 contender fight with 2 people who it makes sense for GSP to fight.I'd say Fitch vs Condit should be the fight. Fitch vs GSP II isn't exactly a barn burner, but at least it'd be only Fitch's second shot instead of his third.

Godmode site profile image  

11/2/11 10:03 AM by Godmode

OH SHITLet the trash beggin!Ellenberger/Fitch vs Condit makes more sense tho

SleepBomb site profile image  

11/2/11 9:51 AM by SleepBomb

 you tell us we don't know shit coz we say one guy would beat the crap out of the other. then you come on and say it is going to be a close fight. you don't know shit and you are possibly retarded. condit = zero chance against kos or fitch. and whoever said kos is like trigg needs to go back to bed.