Evans: Condit can't be too mad at lost title shot

source: espn.co.uk

Evans has had his own missed title opportunities over the years, but he insists Condit must just focus on the fact that one more victory will ensure a crack at UFC gold in 2012.

"If anyone called me and told me I was losing my title shot I'd probably say, 'Again?'!" Evans joked with ESPN.

"You have to understand that the UFC is a business, and it is about putting together the fights people want to see. At the time it made sense for Carlos Condit to step up for the fight, but the reality of the situation was the real fight was Nick Diaz v Georges St-Pierre. So he can't be too upset about that.

"He was the first to be called [to replace Diaz] so he should know exactly where he is. So he should be thinking, 'OK, they thought enough of me to call me in that situation. If I win my next fight then I'll definitely be in that situation'."

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lildragonof site profile image  

11/2/11 6:28 PM by lildragonof

Hashad matured.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

11/2/11 1:22 PM by Cyril Jeff

 we have, but it's one thing when some fellas on a message board say something, it's another when a Former World Champ/Current Title Contender, who happens to be in the EXACT same situation, says it... imo, of course.

Pride Rules site profile image  

11/2/11 12:47 PM by Pride Rules

 why are ppl acting like what rashad said is Gold?  havent we all been saying the same exact thing in threads over the past few days?

Darth Ryase site profile image  

11/2/11 12:35 PM by Darth Ryase

No childlike digs at Jacksons? This is the Rashad I used to be a fan of.

hotrod2424 site profile image  

11/2/11 12:30 PM by hotrod2424

Actually Diaz was screwed.

The Cats Pajamas site profile image  

11/2/11 12:30 PM by The Cats Pajamas

You are an admin

Drewout site profile image  

11/2/11 12:25 PM by Drewout

The problem with the UFC model is that yes it is a business, but MMA is a sport & there should be a ranking system where the best fighters earn their spots and title shots.Do I believe Diaz is the #1? Yes I do, but if Condit wins he definitely should be the next person to get a title shot.The problem with Rashad's statement is that the fights should be what the fans wants is like saying the Superbowl should be played by 2 popular teams and not the teams that win the playoffs.

random_muppett site profile image  

11/2/11 11:59 AM by random_muppett

Me too. Not just with this quote in fairness, coaching TUF turned me.No homo.