Nick Diaz moves up to no.2 in MMA's Top 10 welterweights

by Michael David Smith | source:

Each month, MMAFighting ranks the best fighters in each weight class. In particular, weight classes which have had significant bouts, such as this past weekend's Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn fight are emphasized. The numbers in parentheticals represent the ranking of each fighter in the previous month:

1. Georges St. Pierre (1): St. Pierre has really never been threatened since losing to Matt Serra in April of 2007; his current nine-fight winning streak consists of six unanimous decisions, two TKOs and one submission win without ever being in any trouble. I don't think St. Pierre is going to lose to Diaz, but I do think Diaz has the right style, both with his high-volume punching and his ability to submit people off his back, to challenge St. Pierre in a way he hasn't been challenged before.

2. Nick Diaz (4): As Diaz won 10 fights in a row over the last three years, a lot of skeptics raised questions about whether the guys he was beating were really all that good. No one can ask that about his 11th straight win: Penn is universally regarded as a Top 10 welterweight, and Diaz gave him a thorough pounding. Jon Fitch, who's No. 2 in most welterweight rankings, wasn't as successful against Penn as Diaz was. Diaz can compete with the elite, and he's earned his opportunity to fight the best of the best in St. Pierre.

3. Jon Fitch (2): After 11 months off following his draw with Penn, Fitch is slated to return against Johny Hendricks at UFC 141 on December 30. That's a fight that won't do much for Fitch in the welterweight division, but it should be a good opportunity for him to grab another unanimous decision victory.

4. Josh Koscheck (5)
5. Carlos Condit (7)
6. Jake Ellenberger (NR)
7. Rory Macdonald (9)
8. BJ Penn (6)
9. Jake Shields (3)
10. John Hathaway (10)

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Authority Figure site profile image  

11/2/11 7:22 PM by Authority Figure

TWO - 0 - NINE Get on this train, or get run over by it. Just that simple.

JDSFTW site profile image  

11/2/11 5:33 PM by JDSFTW

What was bj ranked going into the fight?And you can't just base it off their last fights. Bj is a beautiful style match up for diaz and IMO Penn got a bit of luck in that draw against fitch. Look at Fitch's career of dominating TOP welterweights and compare that to Diaz wrecking shamrock, Zarumskis, Daley, and bloated Penn. It's really black and white

Jaybrone site profile image  

11/2/11 5:17 PM by Jaybrone

 I know this will incite his nutt huggers but why is BJ a top 10 WW when he has never beat a WW not named Matt Hughes?

Captain America site profile image  

11/2/11 3:20 PM by Captain America

This is retarded.How was BJ previously ranked 6? He had a draw with the #2, so shouldn't he have been tied with Fitch's ranking?How does #4 (Diaz's previous ranking) beating #6 (Penn's previos ranking) jump him to second? Over a guy who hasn't lost?MMA rankings can make no sense sometimes.

MoFiasco site profile image  

11/2/11 3:00 PM by MoFiasco

Nvm I just realized I'm retarded. For some reason I thought he lost to Rick story, when I was actually thinking of Pyle.

MoFiasco site profile image  

11/2/11 2:57 PM by MoFiasco

I'm not making assumptions. Hathaway hasn't looked good since the Sanchez fight. I like hathaway but come on. Using mmath I can deduce Rumble>brennamen>story>hathaway.

UncleDavid site profile image  

11/2/11 2:14 PM by UncleDavid

i hope fitch wont be anywhere near the main card on ufc 141... please dana, put him in the prelims or somewhere i wont have to watch him, there are many other fighters who deserve to be on the maincard more than fitch =)

3Lions site profile image  

11/2/11 2:13 PM by 3Lions

Well in that case Paul Daley should be above Kampmann at number 10? That method doesn't make sense as they haven't fought, rankings are not assumptions.

Forssberg site profile image  

11/2/11 2:10 PM by Forssberg

Fitch should be #2

heroder site profile image  

11/2/11 2:07 PM by heroder

Jake & Diaz deserves to be above FItchFitch and his padded record are good for 4th placehe hasnt had a top 10 win in years!!!!!!!!