Gracie: Diaz-Penn had to happen


Legendary jiu-jitsu coach and main coach of Nick Diaz, Ralph Gracie, recently sat down with Sherdog Radio to discuss last weekend's bout between Diaz and BJ Penn. The coach touched on the strategy going in, but also 'why' the fight had to happen

On the importance of the fight: “I think this fight had to happen. In a way, everything that happened was fate. These two had to fight each other. People needed to see this fight, and I think it kind of cements Nick’s legacy. I’m personally glad this fight happened for that reason. In the history of fighting, I think that was an important fight to have.”

On Penn: “I’ve been cool with B.J. I’ve never had a problem with the guy. Coming up, he was actually on our team when he first started. … The animosity -- I mean, there’s not animosity. These guys can be cool again. I talked to B.J. afterwards. He was talking about being too old for this stuff, the whole thing. He’s only 32 years old. Really, I think, he’s in his prime. I would love to see him fight again. I would love to have him come to our school. If he does decide to come back and fight, I would definitely be giving him the invitation to come train with us. The only thing I would ask is probably that he leaves Matt Hughes at the door, and that’s about it.”

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ChokeEmOut site profile image  

11/3/11 12:08 PM by ChokeEmOut

Cesar did not go into detail why he mentioned Hughes like that but you read people on on here bashing him based on some other Internet poster. The level of intellegience has drastically declined due to the Internet. Of this I am convinced.Yes, BJ started out under Ralph and Ralph would say "he is a traitor motherfucker" and never really backed down from that opinion as far as I know. Cesar doesn't seem to share the same opinion with Ralph on BJ from the sound of things.

sadisticsoldier site profile image  

11/3/11 12:05 PM by sadisticsoldier

It was Cesar. Not sure how Ralph's name got in there. If you click the link, you'll see it is a Cesar Gracie interview.

Jitsbaby site profile image  

11/3/11 11:51 AM by Jitsbaby

*** Actually I agree with your post, but there is this thing called "Proffesionalism" *** (damn quote button wont work)I am very much fond of showing class, especially in a media type setting as that is a representation of you that reaches a large spectrum of people, but I truly dont think he intended it as mailicious attack on Matt, just pulling a funny since Hughes had been training with Penn recently....

Ramon Maroni site profile image  

11/3/11 11:43 AM by Ramon Maroni

I think if u look up top at the OP it was Ralph Gracie saying that

Mark Hunter site profile image  

11/3/11 11:35 AM by Mark Hunter

This post is actually totally correct. I think everyone will find that Renzo has nothing negative to say about Matt Hughes, though. If I was betting, I'd bet that Ricardo Almeida doesn't really either. All in all, I think Cesar was probably just joking around when he said that, and just mentioning a name that Penn has trained with that many Gracies have fought. It didn't sound like he was actually putting much emphasis on it. Without seeing his face or hearing his tone, you really can't tell.

Ramon Maroni site profile image  

11/3/11 11:32 AM by Ramon Maroni

Actually I agree with your post, but there is this thing called "Proffesionalism"

Jitsbaby site profile image  

11/3/11 11:25 AM by Jitsbaby

Right, because you wouldn't be upset at a guy claiming to be better than everyone in your family (the family responsible for bringing the sport that puts food on his table and John Deers in his barn) and discrediting your art every chance he gets....even though he himself uses the art in any fight that hits the ground.Just because he has beaten 2 wayyy past their prime Gracies and actually lost to Serra (He even knew it at the end of the fight) doesn't give him the right to be an ass, which he usually is about everything anyway. The only credible win of all 4 was Almeida, and that was a beauty of a win, not going to pretend it wasn't....You stand up for your family, idk where you come from, but when someone is disrespecting your family, you don't go and be buddy buddy with them.

sadisticsoldier site profile image  

11/3/11 11:17 AM by sadisticsoldier

Seems like that sherdog article combined Ralph and Ceasar into one person, and the interview was with Ceasar, not Ralph. Maybe they edited the article after the fact, but Ralph was never mentioned. However my understanding is that Ralph trained BJ early on. Don't think he was ever Diaz's trainer. At this point I'm confused though.

AlexanderTheGreatJJ site profile image  

11/3/11 11:05 AM by AlexanderTheGreatJJ

Lol Hughes > the gracies, Ceasar is butthurt

analpolypnamedjesse site profile image  

11/3/11 10:29 AM by analpolypnamedjesse

I was about to start a thread regarding BJ being past his prime. Ralph Gracie > my thread idea.