Joe Rogan: I told the UFC they should buy K-1

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“People always say that the UFC is a monopoly, they’re actually being even investigated by someone, Federal, Federal Trade, FTC, Federal Trade Commission and they’re being investigated as being a monopoly but… it’s not a monopoly, they just do it better than anybody else.

"Let’s start up our own f------ car league, you know, we’re just going to race cars all across the country. What are you going to call it, the New Car League? Everybody would be like, ‘but it’s not NASCAR, right? No.’ Well, it’s not NASCAR has a monopoly, it’s just they’re the best at it. You could start your own car league if you want to."

"And Bellator’s doing it by themselves. There’s a company called Bellator, they’ve got some good fighters, man. They’ve got a good show, they got this guy Jimmy Smith who does the commentary, he’s really good at it, he’s a black belt in jiu-jitsu, knows what the f--- is going on, he gives excellent commentary, their color guy’s really good.

“So, it’s not that the UFC is a monopoly, there’s other people in the game. They’ve just been in the game longer, they spent more money, they invested more time, they do it better! It’s that simple. You know, it’s like… there’s a certain amount of people that whenever you get to a certain level of success, they want to think that you did something wrong to get there."

“If someone’s smart, if someone’s got balls, listen to me right now… This is the thing… K-1 kickboxing is some of the much exciting shit to watch in the world. If you watch the highest level of kickboxers, God damn is that shit exciting. It’s so fucking fun to watch. They go at it, man, it’s only three rounds, even title fights are like three rounds, they fucking go to WAR, man. And some of the fights are five rounds, I think, but either way… they’re fun and it’s all striking, which is what a lot of people like, a lot of people don’t like the wrestling aspect of MMA.

"If I had one thing to watch it would be MMA, but I love f------- kickboxing, too. I love watching it. It’s so much more exciting than regular boxing and we know how boxing is still doing well, people still want to see a good boxing match, you know? If Manny Pacquiao’s fighting, people are still going to pack in to see that guy light people up.

"But, man, if you watch some high-level kickboxing, boxing becomes boring because they can’t kick! They’re not doing all this other crazy s--- .. It’s wiiiiiilllllllld, wild s--- because they don’t have to worry about being taken down, there’s no takedowns. So, they’re just f------ teeing off on each other, man. Wild head kick knockouts and spinning backfist knockouts and cutting people with elbows, it was nuts, man. It’s a crazy sport.

"I can’t believe that it doesn’t get the press that it deserves because maybe it’s not as good as MMA but, God damn, if it ain’t a close second. And it’s not being promoted! Someone’s completely dropped the ball, you know?

“The people who own K-1, they owe a lot of money, man. They want to start fights but they want to not half to pay all the fighters that they owe money to and they owe just fucking untold millions of dollars to fighters that they haven’t paid. So, they’re in a bad financial situation but it’s because they didn’t promote it correctly.

"If someone in like the UFC came along, if Zuffa came along and picked up K-1, they’re not interested in it, I’ve talked to them about it, but if someone like that did, if Mark Cuban did or someone with balls and a lot of money who loves the sport, God damn that’s a gold mine. It’s a God damn gold mine. Mark Cuban, go do it! You already got Michael Schiavello working for you.”

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nobones site profile image  

12/17/14 5:16 PM by nobones

Nope. Also the reason why there are multiple teams for players to leverage against each other is because of simple economics. Each city shows sufficient interest to investors for their own team. Simply put, most other sports are in much bigger, more developed, more mature markets. They are just much more economically viable to investors. MMA is quite the opposite. It is a horrible business to get into for a major investor (always has been sincr 1992) and you are almost certainly going to face failure whether the UFC is around or not. People act as if the UFC were not around then Pride or Affliction or Strikeforce or the IFL or EliteXC would have succeeded. Pride failed on its own. IFL failed on its own. EliteXC failed on its own. Affliction most likely would have never started without the UFC. They were a response to the UFC. Strikeforce would have stayed a kicboxing promotion. EliteXC would have never started if it weren't for the promise of UFC like success. Same for Bellator. All that would be around would be small regional promotions or maybe a few national ones but very small scale. If not for the UFC, MMA development and growth would have halted and stagnated with the death of Pride.

EddiePain420 site profile image  

12/17/14 5:10 PM by EddiePain420


HandyDarsh site profile image  

12/17/14 5:07 PM by HandyDarsh

If they ever bought it, they"d claim its business as usual and shut it down.

WoodenPupa site profile image  

12/17/14 5:05 PM by WoodenPupa

Zuffa already put their eggs in the MMA basket. I do agree K-1 is tremendously exciting though. The 3-round formula is awesome.

Chardee Macdennis site profile image  

12/17/14 3:31 PM by Chardee Macdennis

Like someone said in the press conference for the lawsuit, the UFC is not the same as NASCAR, the NFL, or any other sports league of the sort because in those leagues there are actual teams competing for the best talent, and thats why they get paid much more than UFC fighters.Thats why those aren't really monopolies while the UFC is.

vagabond site profile image  

12/17/14 3:29 PM by vagabond

The brain trauma quote was from the schaub "intervention".

thatonedude site profile image  

12/17/14 3:26 PM by thatonedude

when is that quote from?

vagabond site profile image  

12/17/14 3:01 PM by vagabond

Brain trauma bothers the shit out of me- joe rogan

Morpheus1976 site profile image  

12/17/14 2:42 PM by Morpheus1976

elbows in kickboxing, Joe? you know better....

MMA Playwright site profile image  

12/17/14 2:34 PM by MMA Playwright

Interesting discussion.