Leben & Munoz: It'll be bombs away

by Mike Chiapetta | source: mmafighting.com

All main-event participants Chris Leben and Mark Munoz can do about that is put on a show of their own, and at Thursday press conference, both agreed that anyone watching won't be disappointed.

"You guys have a main event you're not going to have to worry about," said Leben, who is known for his always aggressive, often reckless style. "Sometimes we put these main events together because they're names, and it sucks. We're going to get in there and we're going to do it. I promise you a great show."

Munoz echoed those thoughts.

"He throws bombs, and I throw bombs, so bombs away," he said.

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roscoegrinders site profile image  

11/4/11 8:15 AM by roscoegrinders

 To be fair their are only two-maybe three fights that would be on a ppv card. But I cant complain given that it is free. Is it just me or has the UFC been giving more free decewnt cards this this year? Now  I have to decide wether to DVR the fight or alabama vs LSU

jaseprobst site profile image  

11/4/11 2:19 AM by jaseprobst

 Mark has decent enough standup to where he can operate on the feet long enough for a quick shot. And when he gets Leben down that's when it's all Munoz.

CaptainWoody site profile image  

11/3/11 11:55 PM by CaptainWoody

So a sub is not out of the question here

CaptainWoody site profile image  

11/3/11 11:54 PM by CaptainWoody

I could see that...I'm saying that if he clips Mark and follows him to the ground, Mark has his wrestling to get top position, if he is still shaken up Chris does have the ability and skill to get a sub off his back. Another scenario is it is a 5 round fight remember, if it pushes to the later rounds and been a war Leben has caught very good ground players before (Akiyama)

FryedTakayama site profile image  

11/3/11 11:43 PM by FryedTakayama

Leben isn't JUST a brawler but he indeed has that brawling style. Also if he drops Munoz I highly doubt he's gonna go for a sub, he'll probably look to finish him like he did Wanderlei. Just my opinion though.....

CaptainWoody site profile image  

11/3/11 11:30 PM by CaptainWoody

If you think Leben is just a brawler that shows you don't know much about MMALeben has very underrated ground skills, Mia couldn't sub him but Mia is not the same fighter Leben is either. Chris could hurt him with a shot then the fight hits the ground with a hurt Munoz a sub is very possible.

FryedTakayama site profile image  

11/3/11 11:29 PM by FryedTakayama

Good assessment.

Astronaut site profile image  

11/3/11 11:25 PM by Astronaut

Thats not MMAath.That is seeing what skills a guy has shown. In this case if one of the best sub guys in the history of MMA couldnt come close to tapping Munoz then a brawler like LEben wont come close either

JoshLovesMMA site profile image  

11/3/11 10:42 PM by JoshLovesMMA

If you knew anything yourself you would know MMA math is completely retarded and has failed many many times.

Astronaut site profile image  

11/3/11 10:38 PM by Astronaut

Not really an insult. Just my opinion that if you think Leben will sub Munoz when Maia couldnt, then you probably dont know much about MMA