Leben: I'm the #1 contender if I win

by Ben Fowlkes | source: mmafighting.com

"It's tough," Chris Leben said. "When I go do an appearance or something, everybody wants to see 'The Cat Smasher.' They want to see the dyed red hair."

"I grew up a little different than most people and that might be hard for some people to understand, but at the time I thought my behavior was fine. I thought it was normal. Since then I've worked a lot, done a lot of counseling, and I've realized that there's some things I need to change. I've worked hard at changing them, and obviously I haven't been perfect, but life is about progression. It's not about perfection. I'm still working, still pursuing my goals and trying to be the kind of man I want to be."

"Honestly, in my mind this is for number one contender. He's won three straight, I've won four of my last five, just knocked out Wanderlei Silva. I think me and Munoz, if I go out there and defeat him and dominate him that should say that, hey, Chris deserves a crack at the title."

"I think they'd have to take a look at me. They've had reasons, obviously, why they think I shouldn't get a title shot, but if I win this one I think I'm glaring, I'm staring at that number one contender position."

"I've got a huge head and I hit hard. But also, my style of fighting, I'm not a fancy guy. You're not going to see me jumping off the cage or throwing a spinning back kick. I throw my left hand. Why? Because it works. And if it ain't broke...you know."

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BanjaCop site profile image  

11/4/11 9:58 PM by BanjaCop

This.Leben is one of my top 5 favorite fighters, but the outcome would be the exact same.

Drummeryan site profile image  

11/4/11 9:33 PM by Drummeryan

I love Silva, but there is no point in seeing this again. It would be the same fight. Even though I kinda think Silva was trolling the first time, the only middleweight fighter I wanna see him fight is Sonnen.

WheresBobbySouthworth site profile image  

11/4/11 9:03 PM by WheresBobbySouthworth

I used to really dislike Leben, since I found his ego was way too disproportional for his actual skillset. The guy seemed to have the "I hit hard and have a chin, so I can knockout anyone" mentality. I thought he was humbled by the Silva experience. But his excuses for the Stann loss and the way he's talking as if that never happened and he's a top contender lead me to believe he hasn't really learned much from his defeats.The reality is Leben is a tough dude. But he's a slow brawler that needs his opponents to brawl with him to win the standup.

Farewell BJ site profile image  

11/4/11 8:46 PM by Farewell BJ

Vitor lost his last fight. Munoz would be on a 4 fight win streakLeben would be 5 of his last 6. Don't quite know how vitor should be next for either of these 2. Chael makes the obvious choice for number 1 contender fight

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

11/4/11 8:39 PM by LilBrockonmychest

  Always has been?  You mean since you began following, all the way back in Feb 2011?

whoabro site profile image  

11/4/11 8:34 PM by whoabro

Leben by footstomp

jhendo79 site profile image  

11/4/11 7:32 PM by jhendo79

He knocked out Wand, that's all I need to be convinced of his tittle shot.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

11/4/11 7:20 PM by MMALOGIC

 Anderson has just issued a press release stating Leben deserves a title shot if Bisping is not available.

orcus site profile image  

11/4/11 7:09 PM by orcus

 "Leben's style is perfect for Anderson to pick apart." Half the forum insists that all you have to do to beat Anderson is press him and crowd him and not be afraid of him.

Blackbeltpanda site profile image  

11/4/11 7:07 PM by Blackbeltpanda

Eh he's probably the last person I'd wanna c fight Anderson