Eddie Alvarez vs Shinya Aoki II in Feb

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com

If Eddie Alvarez is successful in his next fight on Nov. 19 against Mike Chandler at Bellator 58, then he will draw Dream lightweight champion Shinya Aoki in the Bellator cage in the first part of 2012.

“Eddie and I have been talking about that fight now for the last two years. Ever since Eddie got submitted over in Japan, Ed’s been calling me saying ‘how can we make it?’ Now we’ve finally got it done,” Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney revealed when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio.

Aoki confirmed that he’s also in for the bout when he spoke to MMAWeekly.com last month, and he was looking forward to a second bout with Alvarez as well.

“Yes, I will fight him next year,” Aoki confirmed about the Alvarez fight. “I am looking forward to it.”

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Finnie1878 site profile image  

11/23/11 3:10 PM by Finnie1878

Aoki schools Pettis. Just saying

BJJkilla site profile image  

11/23/11 3:01 PM by BJJkilla

won't happen for sure now, i don't see bellator wanting to risk alvarez losing 2 fights in a row because aoki would submit him again.

unfilter site profile image  

11/23/11 2:31 PM by unfilter

good point.  i think aoki could be incentivized one way or another.  if a paycheck like a salisbury steak isnt enough he might just do it for the chance to beat someone overseas and restore a little luster to the jmma world. *sigh* i'll admit that's just wishful thinking on my part...  

sadisticsoldier site profile image  

11/23/11 5:53 AM by sadisticsoldier

I don't see why Aoki would even bother now. Alvarez isn't a champion now and he already finished him. I wouldn't mind seeing the fight, but I don't see Aoki having much to gain from it. Maybe Bellator could make it worth it for him, but I'm not sure they are gonna be willing to do that for a bout with the former champion.

unfilter site profile image  

11/23/11 4:54 AM by unfilter

 bellator needs to go ahead and make this fight happen anyway.  at least then it wouldnt be one of those silly no-belt-on-the-line superfights.  i think it is still a superfight- would be a great comeback win for the posterboy of the organization.  if he loses it only brings more heat into the tournament. bellator, sack up and do it.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

11/23/11 3:11 AM by DoomFarmer

You mean like how he did the first time and all?He'll get his fucking head twisted off this time.Aoki is on some other shit with his subs right now. He's like fucking Cthulhu soul eating shit right now with that neck-crank.

Floppy Divac site profile image  

11/23/11 2:37 AM by Floppy Divac

 "Also, just cause you "LOL" like a douchebag and don't explain why, it doesn't discredit Hansen or Kawajiri. Those 2 are still 2 of Eddie's top 3 wins. By discrediting them, you are discrediting Alvarez. However considering the dominant performance over Josh Thomson, it is really fucking hard to discredit Kawajiri." Well said.

goeb site profile image  

11/23/11 1:40 AM by goeb

ding! ding!

mma shill site profile image  

11/7/11 4:39 PM by mma shill

Aoki is one of the best modern MMA grapplers, but I don't think he should be top ten, I'm guessing Alvarez will expose him like Melendez

rockwell site profile image  

11/7/11 3:11 PM by rockwell

Yes I believe he did. Gotta be trolling.