Dana White: Joe Silva is the greatest matchmaker in MMA

source: mmamania.com

(0:55 mark)
"The fights were awesome tonight. It always drives me nuts when people talk about a card that hasn't happened yet. You know ... "This card sucks." None of these fighters up here suck -- these were great fights.

"Joe Silva is the greatest matchmaker in the business and these guys came out and performed like they always do. No matter where we go or what show it is, or what card it is, these guys always deliver.

"When I talk about what we do at the UFC, the promoters, we go out and put on all the bells and whistles, and these guys always deliver. And man did they deliver tonight. It was an awesome card, and these guys are going to get paid tonight, believe me."

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Immaculata site profile image  

11/9/11 11:22 AM by Immaculata

He does an amazing job.

OUTCOLD site profile image  

11/9/11 11:13 AM by OUTCOLD

yes please then we will run a poll - grand prix style

GroundStPound site profile image  

11/8/11 8:59 PM by GroundStPound

Who is Joe Silvas competition?

AGJ site profile image  

11/8/11 8:51 PM by AGJ

lol u have no diea......Not saying that Joe Silva isn't the best but his job is probably a lot easier then it was and a hell of alot easier than a small regional show  

time traveling 12er site profile image  

11/7/11 7:11 AM by time traveling 12er

How easy does it really make it for a matchmaker though? When you have a limited roster you end up putting together whoever's available and willing to fight. Seems like there's less choice involved when you have a small roster.

slayer806 site profile image  

11/7/11 7:00 AM by slayer806

John Peretti is the correct answer.

BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane site profile image  

11/7/11 5:37 AM by BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane

 lol Dana might as well of just came out and said it.  Until were on skys sports we ain't doing shit in the UK.

BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane site profile image  

11/7/11 5:36 AM by BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane

 Little chance until atleast 2013 when the hydro arena is finished.

Northside Strangler site profile image  

11/7/11 2:07 AM by Northside Strangler

So basically there is no competition. Winner by default

stonepony site profile image  

11/7/11 1:36 AM by stonepony

You're right IMO, common sense. The UFC would not have become so successful so quickly if it weren't for quality match-ups. They've hit an excellent balance of meeting what the fans want to see, and what fights are appropriate and legitimate. Remember DW said Kimbo Slice would NEVER fight in the UFC. But, fan demand trumped that, and they gave people what they wanted to see (to DW's credit, folding like that). And, when do you ever see the appropriate fights just not happening? FMJ and Manny are supposed to be two of the greatest boxers who ever lived, they should have fought a long time ago, but with corruption and bad business structure, that fight may never happen. In the UFC, DW and Zuffa pick the fights, and make them happen. Which is why Big John's comments were sooo stupid. Matchups should be handed over to committees and corrupt bureaucratic organizations... Stupid. So dumb.