Alves: I will be champion; it's just a matter of time


This victory obviously meant a lot to you and, after tough fights that you’ve gone through in the past, do you see this victory as a corner turned? Is this the start of another chapter in the career of Thiago Alves?

Definitely and I’m definitely a new person with a new mentality. I learn a lot throughout this camp for this fight and I’ve got the right people with me. I’ve got Mike Dolce doing my strength and conditioning as well as my nutrition and I’ve got the best coaches in the business over at American Top Team and the best training partners.

It’s just a matter of time now for me to become everything that I said I was going to become. I will be a world champion; it’s just a matter of time.

So what was different about this training camp specifically when compared to other training camps?

I learned a lot in my last fight with Rick Story. You never leave it up to the judges but I had such a good training camp that when it came to fight time I just wanted things to happen. I didn’t want to work.

I just wanted things to happen like a miracle; like I’d just throw a kick and he’d just hit his head on my leg or something like that and I learned that you’ve got to put in work in training but if you don’t perform when it matters then it’s all for nothing.

Sometimes you forget these things when you get good wins but now I’m focused on performing whenever I step inside the Octagon and I’m really excited for this new phase in my career.

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Manny Yarbrough GOAT site profile image  

11/7/11 11:46 PM by Manny Yarbrough GOAT

jesus christ you're retarded. Ellenberger would get KTFO if he tried to strike with him, and whataburger isn't the lay'n pray type so I'm not sure he'd do that. and MacDonald.............LOL, you're one of the reasons that the "Rory MacDonald is overrated" thread was made.  

ChrisVillain site profile image  

11/7/11 11:44 PM by ChrisVillain

if any of those guys try to fight they will lose, fitch doesnt know how to fight, and GSP only knows hwo to jab.

ChrisVillain site profile image  

11/7/11 11:42 PM by ChrisVillain

He'd probably already be champ had UFC been using pride rules. He's my favorite fighter regardless. He's still a top welter and the best striker in the WW division. He can beat any and everyone in the Division as long as he defends the takedown like he's shown he can do.

JUSTIN KASE site profile image  

11/7/11 8:09 PM by JUSTIN KASE

frederic site profile image  

11/7/11 7:08 PM by frederic

Watch your mouth slandering the UndergroundNews!

Dr_Acula site profile image  

11/7/11 7:04 PM by Dr_Acula

I don't see him beating GSP, Fitch, Ellenberger, MacDonald, Rumble, or a Koscheck coming in with a full training camp -- remember Kos took that fight on short notice. Condit and Diaz have a good shot at beating him too. I doubt he'll make another run for the title.

Lorenzo Luciano site profile image  

11/7/11 6:33 PM by Lorenzo Luciano

Haha I was like WTF crack is this guy smoking

Twenty47 site profile image  

11/7/11 6:16 PM by Twenty47

Did u just say he should go to 155? Srs?

ThatsHowIRoll site profile image  

11/7/11 5:53 PM by ThatsHowIRoll

He missed weight on the first try and then made it easily within the legal additional time given. Re: Derp  

flacco site profile image  

11/7/11 5:08 PM by flacco

I doubt didnt llok like he learned his lesson from story about staying away from the fence and any wrassler will exploit it