GSP: I want to finish fights


“Everyone has a violent side,” St-Pierre said. “My job is to win, and in order to win most of the time I need to injure my opponent. It’s a violent sport but in real life I’m not a violent guy.

“I’m an athlete in a full contact sport so it requires violence to win.”

St-Pierre, who was forced to pull out of the UFC’s Las Vegas card last week due to knee and hamstring problems, has not always sated the bloodlust of the sport’s hardcore element, with his last four fights going to judges decision.

But there is no doubting his desire to knockout or tap-out Diaz, whom St-Pierre has described as “the most disrespectful human being I’ve ever met”.

“I’ve had a lot of criticism about not finishing fights, but if there’s anyone who wants to finish fights it’s me,” he said.

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Ansari site profile image  

11/10/11 10:17 AM by Ansari

You're wrong. He kicked Shields in the head and did move in to land strikes. Only that exchange is a prime example of why GSP was smart to be cautious about going to the ground, as Shields swept him right away and grabbed on to a single leg which he used to stand up. Watch carefully, you'll learn something.

suess site profile image  

11/10/11 10:04 AM by suess

 i see your point, but the head kick itself was a risk.  kind of weird.

Donald Rice Cerrone site profile image  

11/10/11 5:31 AM by Donald Rice Cerrone

He kicked sheilds in the head. Had him hurt and he stands there. There's a gif of it somewhere if a bluenamer will post. Most guys hurt you they rush in. Rush looked like he wanted to ask shields if he was okay.

Ansari site profile image  

11/9/11 8:00 PM by Ansari

Please explain this one

Donald Rice Cerrone site profile image  

11/9/11 7:52 PM by Donald Rice Cerrone

In all seriousness, I was a big fan, still sort of a fan of GSP but 3 things need to be addressed:1. He does NOT try to finish. Sorry guys it's just a fact. He plays it safe. See Shields headkick. 2. He's NOT unbeatable. D-riders said that about Silva and Fedor. How'd that workout?3. He probably does grease. Hughes, Sherk, Mayhem, and Serra ALL said it about him on record. Coincidence....MAYBE...PLUS I'm Canadian. Also about greasing. Greg Jackson's camp is notoriously dirty. See Jones headbutts, thumb in throat, strikes to neck, fingers in Page's eyes; Marquardt's leg greasing; and GSP short grabbing excetera. Not hating, but call a spade a spade. I don't think its a coincidence. I love Jones but they fight kinda dirty.

Donald Rice Cerrone site profile image  

11/9/11 7:36 PM by Donald Rice Cerrone

"No everybody was on the edge of their seats for the closing minute of the Shields fight. Nobody anywhere complained that the fight was boring, or that GSP is anything besides one of the most exciting fighters in MMA history"Cool story bro.

IfapouttoBrenchael site profile image  

11/9/11 7:21 PM by IfapouttoBrenchael


suess site profile image  

11/9/11 7:17 PM by suess

 blah blah blah, he doesn't finish, he greased, i'm butthurt, blah blah blah

eljamaiquino site profile image  

11/9/11 7:12 PM by eljamaiquino

+1.Sad, but true. GSP has finshed only one guy as Champ actually. Serra/GSP 2 was for the WW title that Serra had, so GSP was actually the challenger.BJ is the only challenger that GSP has actually finished as WW champ. When you see that BJ is a natural LW, AND grease was involved, it starts to look real bad for GSP's champonship run. THE difference simply appears to be that GSP fights differently as champ than as a challenger. Probably way too much money on the line for him to feel like he can open up......

eljamaiquino site profile image  

11/9/11 7:05 PM by eljamaiquino

We've been through this before. Alves has been finished in the UFC, Shields has been finished in the UFC, Kos has been finished in the UFC, Hardy has been finished (multiple times) in the UFC. All of GSP's opponents have been finished before, a few of them were fnshed RIGHT AFTER GSP fought them.