UFC on FOX falls on MMA's 18th birthday

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After years, decades, and millenia of fits and starts, on November 12, 1993 the world was introduced to a new sport, Mixed Martial Arts. Exactly 18 years later - to the day - Mixed Martial Arts turns 18, and the sport, now a adult, will be introduced to the mainstream at UFC on FOX 1.

A single fight has been chosen to represent the sport - Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos. Everyone has every expectation that the fight will do the sport justice, and that who ever wins, it will be a great, great day for MMA.

But who wins still matters.

Below Roy Nelson, Joe Lauzon, Cheick Kongo, Matt Mitrione, and Cowboy Cerrone each offer their preictions.


 The title fight will air on a one-hour broadcast on FOX, live from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.




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R00STER site profile image  

11/8/11 12:39 PM by R00STER

I haven't been this happy for an 18th birthday since Selena Gomez came of age.

onepunchJD site profile image  

11/8/11 12:33 PM by onepunchJD


onepunchJD site profile image  

11/8/11 12:23 PM by onepunchJD

Early UFC was "NHB", and was pretty much vale tudo. But that didn't last. More rules and weight classes took the "NHB" out of MMA. This of course was inevitable in our society.So technically, you are correct. But like Kirik was getting at, NHB style fights in some form, are about as old as human civilization.MMA as an organized combat sport, available to the masses on a global scale, relly started with the UFC. Before that, we basically had boxing. Kickboxing was not widely telivised. TMA's were practiced in dojos, and based more on legend than reality. Pro wrestling is not fighting, and real wrestling was it's own community.Without the UFC, MMA would have evolved from Pancrase and Shooto in Japan. But it wouldn't be the same, and we wouldn't be calling it MMA. It would probably still be kind of a fringe thing in the US, and would not be as evolved.Make no mistake about it, The UFC got the ball rolling when it comes to MMA on a global scale.

RickStorm site profile image  

11/8/11 12:05 PM by RickStorm

UFC being 18 on November 12th shouldn't that mean it's legal everywhere in the states Ka-Ching!! =)

chuckles1 site profile image  

11/8/11 12:04 PM by chuckles1

Crazy! Time does fly.

Beezulbubba site profile image  

11/8/11 12:00 PM by Beezulbubba

Shooto, anyone?Maybe the US birthday, but not modern MMA.

Chris Power site profile image  

11/8/11 11:59 AM by Chris Power

 MMA can finally rent and star in porn, just like it always wanted to. Really though, that's a pretty cool little fact! Makes one wonder if it was a coincidence or not that they set it for that day.

onepunchJD site profile image  

11/8/11 11:57 AM by onepunchJD

From UFC 1, those early events are the reason MMA has become so big. Pancrase happend first. But very few of us would have ever heard of Pancrase if not for the UFC. The submission style that the Gracies had been perfecting for years in Brazil, was a nessesary and humbling wake up call for many TMA practitioners. The Gracies brought "vale tudo" to the USA.. and the rest is really history.UFC 1 literally changed my life. Looking at the UG, I am obviously not the only one.I loved Pancrase and Pride, and in many ways I thought Pride took things to another level. Also, I don't agree with everything Zuffa owned UFC has done, and there are things about the unified rules I do not agree with. That said, Zuffa has been great for MMA's evolution.The point is, The UFC is really what started this. The Gracies came and made everybody want to learn Jiu-Jitsu. Shamrock came, started the first true MMA camp in the USA, and made people want to work out and train. The American hardcore fanbase, helped continue MMA through the dark years. In some ways, we are as much a part of this as the fighters, and it all started when we saw those early UFC events.I can't believe it's been 18 years! Makes me feel old, LOL!

Humphrey site profile image  

11/8/11 11:45 AM by Humphrey

i think the confusion comes with the melding of Vale Tudo and MMA events. Vale Tudo has been around since the 20s, and i think THAT is the true origin of MMA. I mean MMA is a hybrid born from Vale Tudo that had rules applied and since the whole meaning of Vale Tudo is anything goes, that wasn't the case with rules. so that's where i think it splintered. at least that's how i see it. 

Immaculata site profile image  

11/8/11 11:44 AM by Immaculata

Man, time flies.