Genet chastizes managers over missed UFC on FOX 'activation' opportunity

by Jason Genet | source: ingrainedmedia

Where Is the Brand Activation for Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos Sponsors?
UFC on FOX Sponsorship Activation Non-Existent Leading Into Their UFC Heavyweight Championship Bout

We keep waiting and waiting but it never comes.  This next weekend marks one of the biggest events in Mixed Martial Arts history and yet there is little to no activation.  Since it is obvious that most of the MMA industry does not seem to understand what that word means, here is a brief description:
“Activation includes events, promotions, retail display, outdoor, digital, CRM (customer relationship management), direct, and other such services.”

Why have these athletes and their agencies missed the boat?  Is it because the UFC  has strict guidelines against any ambush marketing for this Fox debut?  Or have the managers of Dos Santos and Velasquez failed at executing on this tremendous opportunity?

Even the brands that have been supporting Cain Velasquez from the start of his career, before his fame and before the championship belt have not made the push to connect their brand to the upcoming event.  Aren’t they hoping that the wider reach will sell more shirts?  Is this not the opportunity of a lifetime for Dethrone?  They invested heavily into Cain and having Cain at the forefront of their marketing long before he was a star.  Shouldn’t they be connecting the dots?

I know it is a bad economy.  That excuse only flies here in the United States.  The UFC and Cain’s management have gone to great lengths to sell Cain as a Hispanic fighter (even ignoring the fact that he was born in the US) yet where are the Hispanic brands?  There was no housing bust in Mexico.  As a matter of fact a lot of the money from the housing boom here in the US was sent back to Mexico.  So where are the Mexican brands?

The endemic brands are not taking credit or touting the investment made and their success of that investment and the non-endemic brands that have signed on are not activating leading up to this historical event.  Why not?  What am I missing?  Is this not a dream come true?

Look at how well Anderson Silva is doing in his home country of Brazil.  He is landing marquee deals with Nike and Burger King.  Junior is a very likable and marketable guy, especially in Brazil.  Both Mexico and Brazil would be ecstatic to have their Countrymen as the reigning UFC Champion.  Yet it appears that nothing is happening.  If it is happening and the activation is coming post the event, then that is just a recipe for disaster.

We are never going to attract the NASCAR type of sponsors if what we call marketing is ironing a decal on a pair of shorts.  Here at Ingrained Media we have brought in main stream electronic companies, main stream boating companies, large auto manufacturers, drink companies, huge musical talent and more.  We have brought them into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.  Provided them with activation and total marketing solutions.  All of these companies expected activation and marketing solutions that went above and beyond logo placement.  That is why we have talent on the preliminary cards getting bigger name sponsorship deals then most of the main card talent.

MMA Athletes are not commodities and these opportunities that are being created by others (mainly Zuffa) can be life changing events.  What does it matter if you are fighting for the UFC Heavyweight Belt, if the guy you beat is busy counting his cash, paying off his homes (yes homes) and cars?  What is the actual goal?  To be a World Champion or to be able to support your family and not be in the struggle?  I would rather have my talent be rich than famous.  The sad part of the UFC on Fox event is that you could actually have both.  These managers or agents had an opportunity to change the lives of their fighters, open flood gates for their talent, and the future of the sport. They have not done that and I guess I just do not understand why.

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Shane Carwin site profile image  

11/10/11 9:28 AM by Shane Carwin

Too sore to even drive to Denver so flying is out.5 days till surgery and I am excited about that and getting back into the cage.

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

11/9/11 1:35 AM by DanTheWolfman

Ill be there....Shane are you going to this?

SOO72 site profile image  

11/9/11 1:22 AM by SOO72

I read this as a marketing guy pitching himself

BobD site profile image  

11/8/11 9:31 PM by BobD

He made good points and get has his facts right too.  There was no general housing bust in Mexico.  A few cities where the market is dominated by American ex-pats were affected, but the wider market in other cities, almost not at all..  Also, you underestimate the Mexican middle class.  Americans tend to think of Mexico as a very poor country, because our everyday experience is typically immigrants, and we're bombarded almost daily with 'news' about them.  But according to The Econonist and the UN, 55% of the Mexican population qualifies as middle class..  Genet's point is there is no sensible reason for sponsors (specifically Mexican or Brazlian sponsors) of Cain and Junior not to be all over this fight - the only explanation is that they are unaware of the opportunity.. the probable cause it their management has failed to make it known. 

EnderTL site profile image  

11/8/11 7:06 PM by EnderTL

Nike sponsors MMA.First death in octagon.I think major sponsors know the sport is safe, but want to make sure the majority of the public knows that as well before jumping in.

Combat Vette site profile image  

11/8/11 7:03 PM by Combat Vette

 It doesn't surprise me one bit.  When the UFC was supposed to come to Utah, they booked the show on a Sunday and then they didn't even advertise!!  It's like they are so arrogant that they think that just being the UFC is gonna sell tickets.  It's like they think that all the hardcore fans are gona do all the advertising for them!  Most of my friends, who are moderate fans, didn't even know the UFC was ever coming to Utah.  I had good tickets to that show, and totally got hosed when they moved it to San Diego.  I could have seen Bones Jones live and in action!!

rosario00 site profile image  

11/8/11 6:11 PM by rosario00


camozzi site profile image  

11/8/11 5:54 PM by camozzi

 great read Jason. Happy to be managed my Ingrained Media

FitchViaDecision site profile image  

11/8/11 5:39 PM by FitchViaDecision

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sevr1 site profile image  

11/8/11 5:37 PM by sevr1

 I also thought that was pretty stupid. Though, I guess if you never have a housing boom, you won't have a bust. And the richest country in the world is the only one who has a "bad economy"?!!? The guy made some good points, but also some of the worst arguments I've ever heard. edit. spelling