Griffin, Sonnen, Hardy, Hendo, & more all picking Cain


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slugshot331 site profile image  

11/10/11 3:29 AM by slugshot331

Nuff said

NHB USA site profile image  

11/9/11 11:25 PM by NHB USA

TTT War Hendo in 1 week!

Manny Yarbrough GOAT site profile image  

11/9/11 11:24 PM by Manny Yarbrough GOAT

you're a delusional idiot. Shane and Roy have way better chins than Nog and neither turtle when hit.  

Immaculata site profile image  

11/9/11 9:49 PM by Immaculata

@Damn Severn, thank you. I have Cain too, but this is a great style match up. Both are young, talented, well rounded in different ways, and very marketable. Both have a great spirit, very genuine. They should've been TUF Coaches to show what MMA is all about.

stonepony site profile image  

11/9/11 9:46 PM by stonepony

Faster and stronger, yeah. Ask Shane and Roy Nelson. Cain would have put them both down. They both took JDS the distance.

slugshot331 site profile image  

11/9/11 9:44 PM by slugshot331

Cain has better hands than JDS? Please tell me you are NOT serious...

sparkyman site profile image  

11/9/11 9:32 PM by sparkyman

 That's the funniest thing that I've read on here in a long time! LOL.

FedorEmilioEstevez site profile image  

11/9/11 9:24 PM by FedorEmilioEstevez

Hardy looks like a little monkey boyDos Santos tko r3

stonepony site profile image  

11/9/11 8:51 PM by stonepony

It will be a good fight anyway. But yeah, Cain would finish Roy and Shane. He's got better hands, and you'll see him win the stand-up. The only fighter he didn't finish was Kongo, and he's improved a lot since then. JDS is coming off back to back UD's.

Van Terminator site profile image  

11/9/11 8:33 PM by Van Terminator

I'm leaning towards Velasquez because he's the more complete fighter, but we saw in the Kongo fight that it's possible to tag him.It'll all come down to Dos Santos' TDD. If he can keep the fight standing I think there's a good chance he'll finish the fight within two rounds.The longer the fight goes the more it favours Velasquez. I guess overall he's the safer bet, but I'm hoping for a JDS victory.