Edgar to face Guida-Henderson winner, likely in Japan

by Matt Erickson | source: heavy.com/mma

It's only one win, but Frankie Edgar's track record when he leaves the United States is a pretty good one.

The last time – and only time – Edgar fought outside the country, he upset BJ Penn to win the lightweight title at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi. And according to news first reported by MMA Junkie, the champ very well could be headed overseas again. Word is Edgar will defend his title when the UFC returns to Japan in late February, and he is expected to do it against the Clay Guida-Ben Henderson winner.

That fight would give the UFC a title bout to hang its hat on for its first trip to Japan since UFC 29 in December 2000. UFC 144 is expected for Feb. 26 at the Saitama Super Arena, just north of Tokyo. Though the card would take place on Feb. 26 in Japan, the time difference would mean it will air as normal in the States on Feb. 25, a Saturday.

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Astronaut site profile image  

11/15/11 11:08 PM by Astronaut

One of the main problems is the UFC do little to make an event fit the location its in.This UFC Japan event is looking like just another random UFC

savage animal site profile image  

11/12/11 2:15 AM by savage animal

Some good calls here, we'll all be pumped for this card if it fills out like it shouldJapanese fans appreciate lighter weight fighters as much as anyone.Rampage vs Shogun or ForrestKim vs Sexyama is a great idea, although having each of them showcased separately might make more sense, good call there, but Akiyama vs Wand IMOHioki vs Aldo as the main would have ruled, had Hioki won in dominant fashion against roop (which, unfortunately, he surely did not), so Hioki vs another borderline contender, Prelims surely will include homegrown talentOkami of course

mdh2k10 site profile image  

11/12/11 2:06 AM by mdh2k10

 lol @ whoever said edgar would rollover aoki eddie alvarez and edgar are fucking replicas of each other, except eddie may have heavier hands aoki has an insane resume and lost one fucking fight - to the best lw in the world gil beat the shit out of guida way worse and nobody is calling guida a can, in fact he's figthing a number one contender fight tomorrow and he doesn't have nearly as impressive of a resume as aoki the only guy who has a better resume at 155 is bj

circulation123 site profile image  

11/12/11 1:59 AM by circulation123

If Shogun loses, I don't mind seeing Shogun/Rampage but..Hendo/Rampage doesn't really interest me.Both of these are rematches but Shogun/Rampage makes more sense since the 1st fight was in Japan and there's a lot of history there.As for Mo/Rampage...that fight is just going to be a recreation of Evans/Rampage...

Astronaut site profile image  

11/11/11 4:37 PM by Astronaut

Akiyama debut at 170 against DHK would be pretty dope for this card

newjack900 site profile image  

11/11/11 4:06 PM by newjack900

I understand that UFC wants to begin building its own fighters over in Japan, but something in me wishes they could have a card that features a lot of the guys who have become legends over in Japan. Rampage has to be on this card in some capacity, whether it be against Shogun (Shogun would probably have to lose to Hendo), King Mo, or even the last Pride champ Dan Henderson. I would like to see Wandy on that card as well. Cro Cop is probably done but it would be nice to see the UFC honor his career in some way that night. Obviously the UFC will want Okami, Akiyama, Hioki, Kid etc. to be on this card as well.

Astronaut site profile image  

11/11/11 2:45 PM by Astronaut

Ya, I think theres a rumor hes going to fight Alvarez isnt there?That fight doesnt make a lot of sense for Aoki. If he loses his stock will drop hugely. With the UFC moving into Japan and Aoki being the biggest current Japanese star it would make sense for Aoki to sign with Zuffa.

SidRival site profile image  

11/11/11 2:44 PM by SidRival


Astronaut site profile image  

11/11/11 2:42 PM by Astronaut

I really wonder if the only Aoki fight some people on here have seen is against Melendez.The guy has shown a crazy ability to make very talented fighters look like amateurs

jct71 site profile image  

11/11/11 2:39 PM by jct71

I would like to see it. I doubt Aoki even if signed, gets tossed into the title shot ahead of more deserving contenders. Plus they would want to build him up some before that. I think there are many interesting matchups for him regardless.