Quick KO good or bad for UFC on FOX?

by Brett Okamoto | source: espn.com

FOX wanted to do a fight to show America what the UFC was about, before the deal between the UFC and FOX fully kicks in, in January. The UFC went all out, pulling Cain Velasquez and challenger Junior Dos Santos from a scheduled PPV the week following, and offer it for free. In all, a rumored $14,000,000 milion was spent on a free card, with no direct means to recoup the money.

The decision was made to show only one fight during the one hour broadcast, and that one fight lasted a famous 64 seconds. Was it worth it?

UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta:

“You always want a fight that’s going to be decisive and we certainly had that,”

“From a ratings perspective, it will probably affect it in a negative way. People tune in to watch the fight and once it’s over, you tend to leave the channel. But overall, I think it’s going to be a success.”

Fox Sports chief executive David Hill:

“It absolutely delivered everything I hoped it would. I spoke to Dana and maybe, tactically, Dana didn’t play it the right way. But this is what you get in this sport. This is world heavyweight champion action.”

“I once bought a night of boxing from legendary promoter Don King. There were three bouts on that card and do you know how much boxing I got? Forty-seven seconds. I’ve been covering fights forever. It comes with the territory.

“If it had gone five rounds tonight, people would have gone, ‘It went so long, it was boring.’ This is genuine. This is real. It’s this generation’s boxing."

UFC Commentator Joe Rogan

"You know, if you want every show to be the perfect show, it's never really going to happen. What mixed martial arts is, is that its unpredictable and this sort of showcased that tonight.

"It wasn't the best result in terms of getting the most viewers to watch. If there was some crazy four round war where eventually one man over came the other one and he had to come through adversity to get there, then maybe that would have brought more viewers.

"But ultimately, mixed martial arts is pretty much unstoppable; it's just too exciting it's just too good and it doesn't matter if a thousand less or a hundred thousand less people tune into the next one because of tonight. Ultimately this is going to be gigantic. It's going to be much bigger than it is. The fact that now it's on broadcast television, the fact that it is now available for free for millions of people who have never watched it before, the door is open, the flood gates are open.

"It's just a matter of time now."

Future UFC events on Fox are expected to air longer than 60 minutes and feature multiple fights.

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Recent Comments »

Thacommish site profile image  

11/14/11 6:10 PM by Thacommish

i think a flying knee knockout actually requires a flying knee to hit your opponent.

SavageAcE site profile image  

11/14/11 6:05 PM by SavageAcE

WTF was so good about that ko?...Nothing, typical ko.AA vs Fedor....Flying knee ko's are good ko's.This was a generic ko...

Thacommish site profile image  

11/14/11 6:03 PM by Thacommish

a MEH ko is mir and cro cop. that is the worst possible kind of KO you could ever get, the kind where even when your the only guy who got a knock out all night your boss is like yeeeeeeah, no kotn bonus. this shit ended in 64 seconds wtf did you want JDS to actually have flames behind him as he was KO'ing cain?!

fedro site profile image  

11/14/11 2:34 PM by fedro

I think Marquez should of won as well. It just goes to prove judging is shady in both MMA and Boxing. Up until then the fight was fun to watch. I wish it was the other way around and the Cain/JDS was the better event. It was nothing more than bad planning mixed with a little bit of bad luck. UFC of Fox will be great I have no doubt but that debut was a dud

newjack900 site profile image  

11/14/11 2:00 PM by newjack900

I know JDS is no Tyson at this point but people used to shell out $50 to watch him knock a guy out in the 1st round, even if that guy was really no threat to him at all. I think the big mistake was no airing both fights.. If they aired the Guida v Henderson fight instead of the buildup that many people already had seen on the '24/7-Countdown' type show they did then everybody would have witnessed what MMA has to offer. Then again, who knows what the general public wants to see... They tuned in to watch Kimbo Slice fight a guy most people have never heard of. A guy that got famous for fighting in backyards on YouTube. I guess MMA needs to continue to build fighters that people know and care about. Say what you will about the talent level of Cain and JDS but not many people outside of MMA heads really had a vested interest in either fighter. Now that people have learned about JDS and his story I think he is going to start to have a much larger fan base. Boxing actually has a similar problem right now. There is actually a lot of talented fighters in boxing, but America in general only seems to care about the 2 top dogs. If you took those 2 out of the equation how much would you hear about boxing?

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

11/14/11 6:19 AM by Nexuscrawlers

it will get a LOT of people interested in seeing more.whether they liked it or not, a lot of people will be curious to see more, the second show will be very important.

ehx site profile image  

11/14/11 6:16 AM by ehx

lol @ trying to spin this as a positive. it took 60 seconds after a never ending propaganda push for the wrong guy to win in embarrassing fashion on prime time network television. anyone who says this is a good thing is either doing damage control or a fool.

rowil site profile image  

11/14/11 4:24 AM by rowil

The Pacquiao fight was exciting yes, but what about how it ended? I'm not as convinced as others that Marquez was robbed, but it clearly a controversial decision that smelled like bullshit. I don't think many people were satisfied with that either, not even Pac-Man fans.

Tubarao site profile image  

11/13/11 10:17 PM by Tubarao

Oops didn't mean to post that last link on this thread! Stupid Andriod UG app..... Haha

Tubarao site profile image  

11/13/11 10:15 PM by Tubarao