Benson Henderson: I'm better than Edgar in every aspect of MMA



"I think I can hold an advantage in a lot of places, where ever I take it. I think I'm as confident as any other fighter out there, you know, I'm as confident as any fighter in the UFC. I think my boxing's a little bit better than his. I haven't really showcased that in a fight yet in the Octagon. I think my kickboxing is better, I think my Muay Thai is better, I think my wrestling is better, I think my jiu-jitsu is better, but that's just because I'm a fighter, of course I'm going to think I'm better. If I can put it all together and perform well when the lights are on and when it's time to actually perform, I think I definitely hold the edge."

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Jits_n_Hoez site profile image  

11/16/11 1:32 AM by Jits_n_Hoez

 Jesus will not be helping Henderson against Edgar. Edgar is too complete of a fighter for him. You beta belii' dat! 

Filo_Beto site profile image  

11/15/11 9:21 AM by Filo_Beto

I guess you didn't see the next 4 rounds or for that matter his fights with bj who was considered to have the best boxing in mma.

MbA7601 site profile image  

11/15/11 9:17 AM by MbA7601

If Frankie gets past bendo, which would be a phenomenal win for him.....The UFC must allow us to see Edgar vs Cerrone

Capslock17ny site profile image  

11/15/11 9:03 AM by Capslock17ny

I look at a fighter like Ben Henderson and think he has a great shot. Aggressive, well rounded in all areas, looks like a world beater right now. And then I remember that he's fighting Frankie Edgar. And regardless of how good he might seem, how fast, how strong, how dangerous, I will never bet against that man ever again. Ever.The bottomline is this, people see Edgar's fights and think that he's just an undersized guy with a ton of heart. That's not the whole story though. Lightweight is easily the most talented division in the UFC, and of all the fighters at Lightweight, he has the best footwork and boxing in the division, is easily the fastest fighter in the division, easily is the best at mixing his strikes into takedowns and vice versa, is near impossible to keep on the ground, AND has a ton of heart. Edgar is legitimately the best fighter at 155. He's the champion, he's the best, and as much as Ben Henderson is my fucking DUDE, I can't pick him to win. If it happens, I'd be happy for him, definitely. But my gut tells me that Henderson will play a more aggressive but less powerful version of Maynard. Edgar will weather the storm, most likely better than in the two Maynard fights, and eventually catch him overpursuing and score a KO. Probably faster than he caught Maynard in their third fight.

The Sorta Kinda MMA Guru site profile image  

11/15/11 8:23 AM by The Sorta Kinda MMA Guru

This. Frankie is a tough motherfucker

sgotwalks site profile image  

11/15/11 6:04 AM by sgotwalks

How can't you pull for the modern day Cinderella Man. Hendo is great and fun to watch, but Edgar has shocked me too many times for me not to be a supporter going forward.

LOx2 site profile image  

11/15/11 5:37 AM by LOx2

Edgar by TKOand I like BHNo bs

Maffus site profile image  

11/15/11 5:11 AM by Maffus

I think Henderson will take this one. War Benson!

Jaybrone site profile image  

11/15/11 5:05 AM by Jaybrone

 I have a feeling Edgar will win. Although I really want to see Henderson win this.

crantis site profile image  

11/15/11 5:02 AM by crantis

I'm not sure that amount of stoppages is what they are intending to quantify. Although I do not agree with the sentiment of the quote, it does bring up an interesting point. Thus far Edgar's opponents have attempted to compete with him directly in terms of pace, footwork, TDs, etc. However, Henderson brings something else entirely. A chin that seems durable enough, the inability to be submitted, comparable gas-tank, but the kicker is grappling that is as dangerous on bottom as it is on top. He sweeps and scrambles in ways that BJ and Gray don't. To qualify; BJ's grappling may be generally better, but not similar to Benson's. Maynard's boxing may be more powerful than Henderson's, while also distinctly different. Perhap, what they meant by this quote is that Benson's style is less congruent, and therefor limits Frankie's options.