Junior Dos Santos: 'God is wonderful'

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Eduardo Ferreira: Were you surprised by Cain Velasquez?

Junior Dos Santos: No. I guess I was expecting him to kick me a lot and try to take me down, so I was prepared. I tried to scare him off, keep him in a safe distance so I could use my Boxing skills, and, thanks’ God, everything worked out.

EF: How do you feel being the new heavyweight champion of UFC?

JDS: I can’t really explain the way I feel. I’m really happy. It’s an incredible feeling. It’s a relief mixed with euphoria. It envolved many things. Thanks’ God I have great people besides me and it’s something we all deserved: me, my family, and all Brazilians who cheered for me.

EF: You were supposed to have this fight a year ago, but only good things came to you. You were at TUF, participated on the first live broadcast by the biggest TV in Brazil and, after only five years fighting, is the holder of this big belt. How does it feel?

JDS: I’m blessed by God, I truely am blessed by god and Hail Mary, she was there with me at all times, protecting me. I can say God is wonderful. For this fight, everything that happened to me before this fight, I was scared of what my reaction would be when I was up there and thanks’ God everything worked out just fine, and it was incredible. When I punched him, I saw him going down and I could tell it was easy for me to knock him out and, even before the referee stopped the contest, I could feel that thrill.

EF: Now there’s gonna be another UFC Brazil. Can you make it to January?

JDS: I guess I can’t, but I really want to fight in Brazil. There’ll be many events in Brazil, like Dana said himself. So I want my first title defense to be in Brazil.

EF: Will you have to go under a surgery for this knee injury? How will it be?

JDS: Let’s see. We’ll talk to the doctor and find it out. I thought I could feel some pain or something like that, but I didn’t. I was scared of that, but it never happened.

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undisputed1972 site profile image  

11/16/11 6:53 AM by undisputed1972

I used to think that way, and expressed my thoughts in a similar way on these forums also. The trouble is that I came across as an insensitive, ill-informed and short sighted prick.

I_Heart_Guidos site profile image  

11/16/11 4:43 AM by I_Heart_Guidos

God let's me hit people behind the ear into unconsciousness

OppressedAtheist site profile image  

11/16/11 4:42 AM by OppressedAtheist

There is no evidence for the existence of god. Though there is a logical possibility for god it can not be logically shown whether that god is the god of a specific religion...In other-words, it is logically possible there is a god but there is no evidence to show if this god is the god of any specific religion.It seems extremely absurd that god would help a professional athlete win a competition while allowing millions of people to starve to death and live in brutal poverty conditions.

Musashi site profile image  

11/16/11 3:53 AM by Musashi

Yeah. Thought so.

Musashi site profile image  

11/16/11 3:52 AM by Musashi

Brock bless brock.

Musashi site profile image  

11/16/11 3:52 AM by Musashi

^ say that 10 times as fast as you can

SavageAcE site profile image  

11/16/11 3:51 AM by SavageAcE

God bless God.

BJJkilla site profile image  

11/16/11 3:43 AM by BJJkilla

^ that was against couture and yeah, it was fucken hilarious. "god...bless you".

Musashi site profile image  

11/16/11 3:03 AM by Musashi

My favorite MMA god moment is when Brock won against Herring (I think..) and he pointed and looked up and said "bless you." . LOL!! Brock blessed God. It takes a very special kind of guy to do that...