Silva: Sonnen wants to fight me? Just come to Brazil

by Jeff Gluck | source:

Anderson Silva was an honorary official for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race this Sunday, at Phoenix International Raceway. He spoke with Jeff Gluck, SBNation's NASCAR editor, about current manager Ed Soares, and apparent future opponent Chael Sonnen.

"It's a problem," Silva told MMA Nation. "It's a big problem. I don't like the picture, I don't like the position my manager (was in). Big problem. I don't like it."

It's worth noting, however, that Silva said this with Soares standing right next to him. When it was pointed out that Soares was there, Silva offered a hint of a smile but stuck to his original statement.

"It's a problem," he said. "Bad position."

If Silva appeared a little cool about his manager, he was sub zero about challenger Chael Sonnen, as both denied a fight had been set.

"There's no date, there's nothing set up," Soares said. "That's what (Sonnen) is saying he wants. But when Dana White decides and when the UFC decides...right now, there's nothing set."

Silva proposed an easy way to get a date set quickly with Sonnen.

"I don't like this guy," he said. "This guy (wants to) fight me? Go to Brazil. No problem. ... Chael talks too much. I'm ready to fight Chael. But you have the chance – go to Brazil to fight me."

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Salokcin69 site profile image  

11/17/11 8:57 PM by Salokcin69

Ummm no. No he didn't, actually. He got a face full of Anderson's balls and then tapped out. Because if he didn't, he would have passed out so the choke and suffocation from Anderson's balls being stuffed in his face could race to kill him.

IfapouttoBrenchael site profile image  

11/17/11 7:28 PM by IfapouttoBrenchael

Fael is the one hounding him for a fight..he knows where to find him.

Ew0k187 site profile image  

11/17/11 7:21 PM by Ew0k187

silva would take the fight anywhere, anytime if he wasnt scaredhe knows full well that sonnen would rather not risk going to brazil and have some shit "go down"

IfapouttoBrenchael site profile image  

11/17/11 7:17 PM by IfapouttoBrenchael

He was winning the fight until he lost ( the fight ). Yah, that makes sense...lmao

juniormvp1 site profile image  

11/17/11 7:16 PM by juniormvp1

Areyou chael sonnens gf or something he tapped point blank, he wont dominate silva this time around , he is still going to lose and call himself the champ after the fight

Deaf Forever site profile image  

11/17/11 7:15 PM by Deaf Forever

Um, but how is he scared if he accepts the rematch? If Silva is hiding behind Brazil then Sonnen is hiding behind America.

Ew0k187 site profile image  

11/17/11 7:13 PM by Ew0k187

i am just saying as a fan of both anderson (how can you not be?) and chael, anderson comes off scared here.i like both of these guys, this coming from an unbiased opinion.

juniormvp1 site profile image  

11/17/11 7:10 PM by juniormvp1

Hahahahaahaa (tito ortiz laughter) pillow fist's will beat the p4p champ into the living dead hahah

Deaf Forever site profile image  

11/17/11 7:09 PM by Deaf Forever

Chael is scared too then. Sonnen wants the fight in Vegas and told Helwani he doesn't want the rematch in Brazil. Silva fought on Sonnen's turf the first time (Oakland) so it's only fair that Silva gets the homefield advantage this time. Don't say "Chael's not from Oakland" either because Silva's from Curitiba not Rio.Why are Sonnen nuthuggers scared of Sonnen going to Brazil? After all, it WAS him who made those comments (made his own bed) and the fight would be MASSIVE down there. I didn't hear any of you crying about Serra defending HIS title in Montreal after making derogatory comments about French Canadians. Sonnen is the challenger yet you feel he should call the shots and be free to demand a fight in Vegas but the idea behind Silva (Brazil's biggest MMA star by far) getting the fight in his country gets your panties in a bunch? LOL!Scared for your boy?

Deaf Forever site profile image  

11/17/11 7:00 PM by Deaf Forever

Spoken like a faggot who's never been in a street fight. In a street fight Sonnen would never EVER attempt the GnP he used because he would break his hand repeatedly (that's why combat athletes wear gloves) and he would probably hurt himself "slamming" (lol) Silva on to hard surfaces (a double leg is not a slam you moron you end up on your back not your fucking skull). If Silva "fears" grapplers and refuses to fight them then how come he holds submission wins over Lutter, Hendo and your boy Sonnen?