JDS tops UFC on FOX payroll with $220k

source: mmamania.com

Junior Dos Santos: $220,000 ($110,000 to show, $110,000 to win)
Cain Velasquez: $100,000
Dos Santos def. Velasquez via knockout

Ben Henderson: $60,000 ($30,000 to show, $30,000 to win)
Clay Guida: $40,000
Henderson def. Guida via unanimous decision

Dustin Poirier: $20,000 ($10,000 to show, $10,000 to win)
Pablo Garza: $8,000
Poirier def. Garza via submission (Brabo choke)

Ricardo Lamas: $20,000 ($10,000 to show, $10,000 to win)
Cub Swanson: $15,000
Lamas def. Swanson via submission (arm-triangle choke)

DaMarques Johnson: $28,000 ($14,000 to show, $14,000 to win)
Clay Harvison: $8,000
Johnson def. Harvison via knockout

Darren Uyenoyama: $12,000 ($6,000 to show, $6,000 to win)
Norifumi Yamamoto: $15,000
Uyenoyama def. Yamamoto via unanimous decision

Robert Peralta: $16,000 ($8,000 to show, $8,000 to win)
Mackens Semerzier: $8,000
Peralta def. Semerzier via technical knockout

Alex Caceres: $16,000 ($8,000 to show, $8,000 to win)
Cole Escovedo: $6,000
Caceres def. Escovedo via unanimous decision

Mike Pierce: $36,000 ($18,000 to show, $18,000 to win)
Paul Bradley: $8,000
Pierce def. Bradley via split decision

Aaron Rosa: $12,000 ($6,000 to show, $6,000 to win)
Matt Lucas: $6,000
Rosa def. Lucas via majority decision

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gibboau site profile image  

11/19/11 8:59 AM by gibboau

It's different. For one, each team is a business of it's own.And yes, players who are "entry level" might get signed to $40k deals in short term contracts. If they are good enough to stick around they get around $400k minimum.Consider this. The LA Lakers play around 100 games per year, packing out their stadium and with big TV deals for each game.Kobe turns up for every game and trains all off-season and between games and travels away from home for half the games. The Lakers pay him $25 million per season.A guy like Derek Fisher for the Lakers does the same and gets $3.4 million. Devon Ebanks gets $730k as their cheapest player, on a 12 man roster than sells out stadiums every 2-3 nights.GSP can train wherever, whenever he wants and has to turn up 2-3 times per year and the UFC pays him at least $5 million.If the bottom level fighters got $40k per year and had to fight every weekend, that would be terrible. But they turn up 3 times a year and fight on the under card. They aren't giving as much as the bottom level NBA guys are.

KVLT site profile image  

11/19/11 5:41 AM by KVLT

You're mistaking entry level with entry level in to the sports biggest org. What is entry level pay in to the NBA? or NFL? is that 40K a year?

KVLT site profile image  

11/19/11 5:38 AM by KVLT

You think JDS only put in 67 seconds work? Are you really that fucking dumb? I was going to spell this out for you, but I'm curious if you can understand it your self.

KVLT site profile image  

11/19/11 5:35 AM by KVLT

No matter how the UFC try and spin it, no matter how much fighters get paid behind the scenes, MMA pay is a absolute joke.

Macedawgg site profile image  

11/19/11 5:20 AM by Macedawgg

But you shouldn't mention sponsors at all.  Do the Yankees pay Jeter less because he has marketing opportunites?  Do the Packers pay Aaron Rodgers less because he has insurance commercials?  It is an absurd statement to make.  The UFC has sponsors too--do the fighters share in those?  The answer is no.  In fact, the UFC is also profiting on the vast majority OF those fighter sponsors.  Fighter sponsor revenue is completely UNRELATED to their pay from the UFC.

SugaFoot site profile image  

11/19/11 1:17 AM by SugaFoot

Cain and JDS both made atleast a 500,000 each.

Asian Keyboard Warrior site profile image  

11/19/11 1:08 AM by Asian Keyboard Warrior

Jus tryna b one of those fagsIm reality ufc compensated cains projected ppv bonus from their pocket even tho it was on tv

Steven McTowelie site profile image  

11/18/11 4:06 PM by Steven McTowelie

Never said UFC was entry level, said they were a company with entry level positions just like any company.Just because I'm at a big bank that has better people than a smaller one (maybe) doesn't mean there aren't still entry level jobs, even if they pay more than entry level jobs at lesser banks.

glupe site profile image  

11/18/11 3:47 PM by glupe

some fighters have to pay 10% to trainers/corner men and 20% to management (Overeem was in a contract similar to this with GG) Maybe a year ago when the UFC didn't give health insurance for fighters, 8k to fight and 8k to win may very well get eaten up by surgeries post fight, travel expenses etc.

LelandMMA site profile image  

11/18/11 3:33 PM by LelandMMA

Whiny little b*tches. I'd love to get paid 8k to fight another dude in the biggest fighting org in the world. Plus a chance of a FOTN/ko/sub bonus which is enough to feed your family off of alone. PLUS sponsorship. What's bellator paying their guys? Lol you guys feel bad for these guys when they're doing just fine.