Coach: Velasquez didn't follow the game plan

by Ariel Helwani | source:

Javi Vasquez:

Well you know we didn't follow the game plan, okay? Cain didn't follow the game plan and Junior did. He followed his game plan.

I felt Junior executed what they needed to do. He won the only way it was possible for him to win, so kudos to them ... congratulations to Junior and his camp.

We were supposed to take him down on the outside and kick up to the top. On the inside we were supposed to mix it up the hands, but look for the takedown.

Not really one time was Cain able to do it. A lot of it is attributed to Dos Santos who had good defense



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Evilzpet site profile image  

11/17/11 11:39 PM by Evilzpet

Cain could have shot on JDS like a mad man and the same thing would have happened. Shooting is not some magical scapegoat that a wrestler can use when he feels like winning, it must be set up because it leaves you extremely vulnerable.

Hardtongue site profile image  

11/17/11 11:38 PM by Hardtongue

I like how it says "Javi Vasquez:"Seems like they should know the difference b/w Javi Vasquez and Javier Mendez.

The Sultan site profile image  

11/17/11 11:08 PM by The Sultan


JunkieDog site profile image  

11/17/11 9:53 PM by JunkieDog

Nice job summing it all up in just a few words. SO sick of hearing the "he should have taken him down" commentary. Because, you know, wrestlers can just automatically take fights to the ground whenever they want, no matter who they're fighting, right? Reminds me of the Lesnar/Cain fight when all the hype buyers were proclaiming "Lesnar's too powerful, he's gonna take Cain down and maul him".... as if Cain had nothing to say about it. There are two people in the cage, people. And even in a mismatch it's seldom that Fighter A is able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, attaining the exact results he wants. Let's stop pretending otherwise.

Harold_Howard site profile image  

11/17/11 9:39 PM by Harold_Howard

 He would have lost regardless.

Farewell BJ site profile image  

11/17/11 9:38 PM by Farewell BJ

Pretty much

Sephiroth site profile image  

11/17/11 9:37 PM by Sephiroth

 I don't think gameplan meant a thing in this fight. Could he of went straight out and triex to put JDS against the cage? Sure but when do takedowns or clinchwork work without setting them up with striking first? If anything I believe ring rust played a bigger factor.  Buddy Revell is right that Cain has got tagged by a lot of opponents. Even Nog was landing sharp shots on him. Cain was just so much faster, powerful and accurate that his shots nearly crippled Nog. The probelm is all the guys Cain faced before  hit like Jds. JDS just has brutal power.

Doem site profile image  

11/17/11 9:28 PM by Doem

the truthits not like there a bunch of opportunities for the takedown before he got knocked out. so he didnt execute well in the standup. that doesnt mean he didnt follow his gameplan

Mr. Blonde site profile image  

11/17/11 8:48 PM by Mr. Blonde

THIS. People can say what they want - the fact of the matter is Cain got Knocked Out. Simple as that.