Cruz excited to complete trilogy with Faber

by Michael David Smith | source:

"The way that he beat Bowles, I think it warrants a title fight for him," Cruz said of Faber. "That's fine with me. I've got no problem. It was going to be him or Bowles, I knew that coming into that fight, and I was ready to take on either one of them. He beat somebody in the Top 5 of the division. That's the first time he's been matched up with someone in the Top 5 of the 135-pound division."

Cruz said he was impressed with Faber, who submitted Bowles in the second round on Saturday night.

"I thought he looked good. He did exactly what he was supposed to do to be the No. 1 contender. He finished Bowles quickly and put a beating on him," Cruz said. "I'm excited for the fight to come."

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Recent Comments »

jmacdoug site profile image  

11/21/11 11:28 PM by jmacdoug

what the fuck is a triology?

Lloyd gave me my bluename site profile image  

11/21/11 11:26 PM by Lloyd gave me my bluename

LETS NOT FORGET BENAVIDEZ (who did better against Cruz at WEC 50 compared to Faber at UFC 132 imo)

MMA KnowNothing site profile image  

11/21/11 11:21 PM by MMA KnowNothing

I think he meant "beat a top 5er", if not...that was a stupid thing to say. lol

MMA KnowNothing site profile image  

11/21/11 11:18 PM by MMA KnowNothing

Cruz needs to do to faber what he did to MM. Use his length and superior mmawrestling and grind. Imo, cruz's ego took over and he fought wrecklessly. He'll fight diff this time since he felt UF's newfound power. At least i hope....war cruz!

MMA KnowNothing site profile image  

11/21/11 11:04 PM by MMA KnowNothing

I'm a huge dcfan, and he clearly won the last fight, but faber looks better now than ever. And cruz is coming off a surgery...again. Thats a scary scenario. I hope cruz has learned better defense when en/disengaging, he cant afford to get dropped again. Though he was legit dropped only twice @ most.

thatwhitekid site profile image  

11/21/11 10:30 PM by thatwhitekid

Lol he fought Cruz so that means he fought someone that's top 5

picanoc231 site profile image  

11/21/11 10:29 PM by picanoc231

Last fight was a close one. Definitely excited to see what adjustments Faber makes for this go 'round.