Maynard details departure from Xtreme Couture

by Duane Finley | source:

“The Bully” spoke exclusively with HeavyMMA about the decision and what comes next.

“Leaving Xtreme Couture is something that has been going through my head for awhile,” Maynard said. “I know people want to assume the worst, but that isn’t the case. During my camp for Kenny Florian, I started to think about everything that is out there in this sport. A month before my fight with Edgar in Houston, I made my decision.

“I informed the gym (Xtreme Couture) that I would not be coming back. I felt it was important because win or lose, I wasn’t going to return for my training. I did things this way because I didn’t want to win the title and have people thinking I won the belt and left for something else. I made sure to tell them long before my fight on October 8th, so there wasn’t any confusion.

“Four weeks away from my fight against Edgar in Houston, I hurt my back, received an epidural and was out for a week and a half. I couldn’t go into the gym because there are always so many people coming and going who I don’t know. I didn’t want anyone to put it out there I was injured. Because of this I had to go to a small gym to train. Without bodies I couldn’t really spar heading into the fight, and the final month is the time to turn it up

“My training ended up being all over the place and it just wasn’t a good situation. I had to be very controlled with whatever training I could do. This is fighting and those things happen. I’m not making any excuses whatsoever. Fighters get hurt and for me it just happened at that time

“Again, this is MMA. I know this happens. You have to adjust to things as they come and I know I have to be prepared if it ever happens again. There are no excuses, but I can’t have another camp like my last one.

UFC/2011/11/gray-maynard-opens-up-details-departure-from-xtreme-couture/" target="_blank">read entire article...

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Elbeezy1 site profile image  

11/27/11 7:57 AM by Elbeezy1

Well done sir. I trust that crumbz has imposed a self ban on himself for this forum for a month or 18. If he's reading this, just go play some CoD. You're not wanted here killstreaking awesome cunt that you are! On topic I guess it's a legit reason for his loss, but it's still an excuse right?

joe bruce site profile image  

11/27/11 3:39 AM by joe bruce

No he's not. Edgar has the Penn wins but neither Penn or Maynard are really the top two fighters in any division. They should feel lucky they had the limelight while they did

kinkle site profile image  

11/27/11 3:31 AM by kinkle

Whenever a fighter leaves a camp there will always be some sourness, Maynard gave a great, professional explanation. Whatever he said people will misconstrue it as excuses, blaming it on somebody else, etc. He is a smart, talented dude. Whenever he fights Edgar it is a coinflip fight, he could easily be champion right now. He is 1-B to Edgar's 1-A.

joe bruce site profile image  

11/27/11 3:17 AM by joe bruce

He needs to work on finishing fights

MMRay site profile image  

11/27/11 3:10 AM by MMRay

A lotta good place to trane ufc these days. He can join jon jones at craig jackson's camp.

fna site profile image  

11/27/11 3:02 AM by fna

gil martinez was on mauro's show a week or so ago and says they were not told maynard was leaving XC

Blackbeltpanda site profile image  

11/26/11 3:26 PM by Blackbeltpanda


saemskin site profile image  

11/26/11 1:42 PM by saemskin

so what gym is he moving to?

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

11/23/11 4:52 PM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

We have to face facts today, everyone trains everywhere and sometimes even with ppl they will compete against. I listened to Rafael Corderios interview and he said Reign Training Center, KingsMMA, Wand Fight Team and Werdum Combat team all train together even though they will fight each other. The MMA scene has changed over the years.

DAVID H site profile image  

11/23/11 4:10 PM by DAVID H

Waits for a brazilian to say the same thing after a fight and get flammed by the same people defending Maynard..


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