Mendes: I'm going to take his belt

by Dave Farra & Megan Olivi | source:

Top UFC featherweight contender Chad Mendes hits the Fight Day set to discuss his January fight with champion Jose Aldo:

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Chiron site profile image  

11/23/11 3:56 AM by Chiron

A real fight with a guy who lays and prays all night and never finishes anyone? Mendes isn't smashing anyone, even cans. Even whe he's got top control most of his strikes are those overheaad variety where he keeps his shoulders down and those don't really do anything. That's why he doesn't even come close to hurting or finishing his opponents. Don't even pretend laying on someone and never doing anything to hur them is fighting. Real fighters finish their opponents at least the majority of the time. Mendes is a pointfighter, pure and simple. He does the same sorts of things his training partner Urijah (who did a great job this weekend) criticizes Cruz for.

Chiron site profile image  

11/23/11 3:52 AM by Chiron

The only chance Mendes has to beat Aldo is lay and pray. He can't actually fight Aldo because if he does he'll get owned and he knows it. Mendes couldn't finish a slice of pizza and he'll never finish Aldo but it wouldnt' surprise me at all if he gayporns him to a decision. It's not like they make fighters do anything if they're laying in guard doing nothing but holding all night.

GageIsLegend site profile image  

11/22/11 9:03 PM by GageIsLegend

The same guy who couldn't finish Kenny florian and florian actually won a round against him. Keep dreaming.

Chris27 site profile image  

11/22/11 8:52 PM by Chris27

Huge Aldo fan, you can say I'm an Aldo stan, I even named my cat Aldo two weeks after he beat Perez, he is my fav fighter.With that said I'm shook about this fight, imo Mendes is the only FW in the world that can beat Aldo, I dont think Hioki could.I think Mendes is it and I have a feeling he will use his wrestling and beat Aldo and win that belt. I hope to hell I'm wrong but those counting Mendes out are fucking fools.This kid is a beast and is the number 2 FW in teh world and has the best shot in the div to dethrone Aldo. It wont be pretty, like someone said, I think it was Roop who said Aldo will need a pregnancy test after the fight. Very good chance that happens.I hope Aldo knocks him out though.

Body Shots site profile image  

11/22/11 8:47 PM by Body Shots

Mendes wins by decision unanimously

kuttdawg site profile image  

11/22/11 8:27 PM by kuttdawg this in Chi-town?

SidRival site profile image  

11/22/11 8:21 PM by SidRival

Win, lose or draw, Aldo is gonna need a pregnancy test after the fight.

BJJkilla site profile image  

11/22/11 8:15 PM by BJJkilla

mendes will wrestle fuck aldo. he won't stand and strike with aldo like faber, mendes knows he has the best wrestling in the FW division.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

11/22/11 8:12 PM by WRESTLENOW

watch his wrestling SMASH him through Aldos weak muay thai and BJJ think Aldo has takedown defense? because he stopped Kenny Florians takedowns? cmon son, even against florian he got absolutely sonned in the wrestling department in the first round.this is going to be a real fight with a real true grappler, Mendes is going to blast through him, take him down and smash his face for 5 rounds.