Chandler, Alvarez reflect on epic bout


“It was the first time I’ve felt pain during a fight,” said Chandler, who earned a crack at Alvarez by winning Bellator’s eight-man tournament earlier this year. “Thankfully the adrenaline kicked in and I went into the mode where I knew I’d be swollen and bruised anyway the next day, so why not go for it?”

“(Bellator’s cutman) told me I had to go out there and knock him out because the doctor was going to stop it. This sort of f—ed up my mentality and made me feel a little desperate,” said Alvarez, who was Bellator’s biggest signing when the promotion debuted on ESPN Deportes in April 2009.

“There were a couple times I hit him clean, but he has the same attribute as me: he’s hard to put away,” said Alvarez, who credits his conditioning for his ability to recover phenomenally from two heart-stopping first-round knockdowns and Chandler’s constant pressure. “I realized I had to go all five (rounds) or submit him.”

“I had to attack his presence in the cage from the start,” said Chandler, who wrestled alongside fellow Bellator champion Ben Askren and Strikeforce standout Tyrone Woodley at UM. “Everyone lets him take the driver’s seat, lets him control the pace. I knew I couldn’t let that happen.”

“A lot of fighters have said they’re going to get in my face, but they don’t,” said Alvarez. “I didn’t expect Mike to come out as aggressively as he did. He got me good, too.”

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gage949 site profile image  

11/23/11 10:18 PM by gage949

November 19, 2011 An amazing day for fight fans

Chris27 site profile image  

11/23/11 10:10 PM by Chris27

Whats more impressive.Beating 3 guys in a row, none of them top 20 fighters or beating a former champ and a top 5 fighter?Winning three fights in a tournament doesnt make a title shot more earned or deserving, its about who you beat and beating a top 5 fighter is better then beating 3 guys who arent even top 20 fighters.Oh and thats why Bellator will never be more then a minor league org cause they arent making the fights fans want to see.after Eddie/Chandler Eddie should come back, take a fight vs Pitbull/Kurt winner and if he wins he should get a title shot and capitalize off the great first fight.Instead he will have to wait to enter a tournament, win three fights and then get a title shot and if he loses Bellator loses out on a huge fight and fans lose interest.I'm willing to bet come 2013 when Bellator is on Spike and Viacom owns them they will make major changes to the org and make it more like the UFC.Keep tournaments but I have a feeling you will see more number 1 contender fights, no more non title bullshit fights, Hieron/Askren rematch, eddie can jump back in after a win for a title shot, its the smart thing to do.

Chris27 site profile image  

11/23/11 10:04 PM by Chris27

Big fan of Barao but his biggest win is vs Pickett, Faber just dominated Bowles who is top 5 in the world, thats a much bigger win then any of Barao's.His claim is his long streak of wins which consists of who? He is a great young fighter but Faber is more deserving of a title shot, Barao needs to beat MM, Benavidez or Torres before he gets a shot.

Stu Cazzo site profile image  

11/23/11 9:45 PM by Stu Cazzo

Not sure about FOTY - that still belongs to Edgar vs, Maynard II imo....

Mertvaya Ruka site profile image  

11/23/11 9:27 PM by Mertvaya Ruka

Great fight! very happy for Chandler.We'll see what Alvarez is really made of now, losing the Bellator title got to suck, if he ever aspired to join the UFC.He just got a reality check.

liquidrob site profile image  

11/23/11 9:09 PM by liquidrob


Titanium Rhino site profile image  

11/23/11 5:35 PM by Titanium Rhino

I guess you've never heard of Renan Barao...he deserves a title shot way before Faber does.   

THP site profile image  

11/23/11 5:25 PM by THP

So you're sure there is nobody in the world who fights at 135 lbs that is worthy of a shot at Urijah Faber? lolz...

Gondul site profile image  

11/23/11 4:15 PM by Gondul

Great fight for sure. One of the best Bellator fights I've seen. FOTY? I dunno but it's up there.