Monson vs. Moscow cops over homless man


Russian news reported that Jeff Monson 'knocked daylights out of Moscow cops' before his fight losing, leg breaking match with Fedor Emelianenko.

American MMA star Jeff Monson will be remembered by the Moscow crowd not only for his fight with Fedor Emelianenko, but also by his off-ring adventures in the Russian capital.

On Monday, the Russian internet simmered with discussions of Fedor Emelianenko’s latest win over the American veteran fighter Jeff Monson. While the majority of fans celebrated Fedor’s return to the sport’s elite, the others, quite a significant part it must be said, admired the American.

The matter is not about his professional skills, though many marked Monson’s spirit as the American continued the bout till the end with one of his legs broken. What the fighter will be most remembered for was his simplicity and a few extravagant tricks he made.

One of the LifeJournal users was shocked when he met Monson in the city’s Metro, which he decided to take in order to make the 40-minute trip to the Moscow outskirts, where he was to hold a master class the day before the fight. He was dressed in hooded top and wearing flip-flops. The temperature on that day was around zero degrees.

On one of the stations he noticed two policemen trying to calm down a drunken man. Their methods seemed too aggressive to the American and he rushed to calm down the policemen. Monson’s escort decided not to wait until the American, known for his penchant for anarchism, beat up the surprised law-enforcers and stopped the scuffle.

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Monson later took to twitter and said reports of his Moscow cop bashing were exaggerated.

To dispel the rumors- I didn't beat up 2 Russian cops. Just gave a hand to a homeless guy on metro being harrassed by cops.

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Monson followed up on his blog:

The truth is a homeless man was being assaulted by police in the subway. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up and walked with him for a bit but I never talked to or touched the officers.

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LayNprayNINJA site profile image  

11/25/11 8:28 PM by LayNprayNINJA

 Way to prove you have absolutely ZERO grasp on what Monson believes in and stands for. Derp

ThePoopWizard site profile image  

11/25/11 8:24 PM by ThePoopWizard

Monson is a good guy deal with it bitches

Squared Circle site profile image  

11/25/11 8:21 PM by Squared Circle

If those flatfoots spoke English, they'd have killed Monson.  These guys aren't like soft Americops. As it was, Monson's admonition probably sounded like an adult from a Charlie Brown cartoon.  I don't know Russian for "what the fuck is this shit," but I bet both cops and the hobo said it.

JSMHP site profile image  

11/25/11 8:12 PM by JSMHP

About ten years ago I was at Hank Williams Jr concert with Monson. Even though hundreds of fights were breaking out no one would get within twenty feet of Jeff. It was cool.

JSMHP site profile image  

11/25/11 8:08 PM by JSMHP

Well I know nothing about Russian police tactics but going by American police DT I know it would take a lot of man power to control Monson. They would quickly look to taser him. My first fight was against a guy that four cops and two bouncers couldn't control using standard police tactics. That was against an amateur nobody....Monson would be uncontrollable unless they choked or tased him

stonepony site profile image  

11/25/11 5:25 PM by stonepony

"the majority of fans celebrated Fedor’s return to the sport’s elite"The majority of fans are deluded and confused...Monson being portrayed as some kind of peoples' hero? Kind of like how every sadistic communist regime throughout history has been labeled a "worker's paradise"? Mao slaughtered 70 million people, but, he was a great man who stood up for the little guy... Please.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

11/25/11 4:32 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Nikita Koloff would have hit him with a sickle.

kevsh site profile image  

11/25/11 3:26 PM by kevsh

Yes, showing heart is an American trait. The rest of us 6 billion that aren't American can only look on in envy and wonder what it must be like ... At least I hope that's not what you were implying?

DiazMadeMe BJTheWelshman site profile image  

11/25/11 3:14 PM by DiazMadeMe BJTheWelshman

Ahh shit. Too late. Great minds think alike.