Mike Pierce recalls horrific training incident with Rick Story

source: joeshowradio.com

“This kid drove all the way from Iowa. He was a wrestler, a wrestler looking to be an MMA guy, he hardly didn’t have any experience, out to Vancouver, WA to learn how to fight. And you know, Pat was getting frustrated with him because he was doing what beginners do when they get beat on by a guy that’s really experienced, you know. He was covering up, backing away, putting his his head down. Typical beginner-like stuff. And he (Pat) was getting frustrated, so he told myself and Ricky just to go in there and knock this guy out. That’s not what you do to teammates, man. There’s a time and a place for that, but in the training room? That’s probably a little far.

I refused to do it, and I went in there and sparred like you’re supposed to spar. And Ricky went in there and just starts wailing on the guy. And keep in mind that this kid had already had some sort of a head trauma anyway, where he was having vertigo issues. He would sleep and lay in his bed at night and look at the ceiling and it would spin. Okay, obviously there was some sort of a head trauma with the guy. And then, Ricky goes in there and starts wailling on this guy.

Now you know, we’re just boxing. It’s just boxing sparring. So the guy takes a knee after taking a few nasty shots. Takes a knee with one hand on his head and the other one waving off saying ‘Hold on, hold on, my head’, and then you know, Pat’s all over saying ‘F**k it, keeping hitting him’. So Ricky grabs him by the back of the head and starts uppercutting him in the face, like that’s okay?…and I was just shaking my head, like, you gotta be f**king kidding me man.”

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RoidsGracie site profile image  

11/27/11 7:47 AM by RoidsGracie

 Some highlights of that article: - What Mike Pierce said about me hitting Abel when he was on a knee saying stop is BULL SHIT.  Abel wasn't some random person off the street either. At the time he was 1-1 as a professional and had been training with us for 3 months.  He was a 4 time All-American for William Penn college in Iowa and actually beat me at nationals my first match my junior year at Southern Oregon University. What Mike also decided to forget to say is how many times Abel had tapped him that week in training (I think 2 by guillotine).  What Mike also forgot to admit was how well Abel did in sparring against Brad Blackburn (at the time current UFC welterweight).  Abel was new to our team but not new to the sport and not a poor defenseless kid.  Abel did have Vertigo and had taken time off.  Pat would not let him sparr without a doctors note saying he was cleared.  I had talked with Abel before the session and asked him how his Vertigo was doing, he said he was cleared but to be safe I told him I would only throw body shots.  - This all happened around the time when Mike was preparing for his fight with Julio Paulino.  I helped him train for this fight just like most of his other ones.  He came out of that fight with a little bruise on his cheek and no other damage.  I was not there but Pat had talked with Mike and said "since you didn't take any damage we are going to need you to be back in the gym on Monday to help Ricky for his fight in three weeks."  Mike no-shows for an entire week.  Pat and myself tried to call but typical non-team player he was he didn't answer his phone.  Mike shows up on the following Tuesday I believe weighing almost 200lbs.  Pat told Mike he needed to be at 190lb. training weight to be a good practice partner for me.  Mike came in the next day weighing only a pound lighter, Pat told him it was the last time he could train if he wasn't going to make weight because he needed to be at a realistic weight for me. Pat told him to not show up until he was.  Well that was the end, Mike never came back. - These are some of the reasons why Pat and Me didn't want Mike on our team anymore.  Mike and one of our teammates were told to go do a specific workout on the track and to do it with each other to help push themselves.  Mike ends up taking his girlfriend to the track worked out by himself and left our car-less teammate who lived less then two minutes away high and dry to find his own way to the track.  When confronted his response was something along the lines of him not being responsible for our teammate which I believe is really messed up. - Pat told me about a time when they were at the airport and there was a lady on the ground crying looking through the contents of her dumped bag for a passport or something and Mike pointed and was laughing at her, what if something was seriously wrong with her?  There was one time when Mike came into the practice room and told Pat and Me that his girlfriends child was retarded and locked the kid in the room because he was getting annoyed and then laughed.  These are isolated events that stick out in my mind but know there are tons more, but all of these hopefully paint a little bit of a picture of what kind of a person Mike is behind the interview questions or cameras. 

HarryFRUK site profile image  

11/27/11 7:27 AM by HarryFRUK

I understand Rick, But he needs to learn to use paragraphs.

jtown2 site profile image  

11/27/11 6:44 AM by jtown2

thehorrorstory-unknown.blogspot.com/2011/11/response-to-mike-pierces-interview.html    In short Story says It never happened Abel is no rookie Pierce is not a team player and a dick of a person. All in all I don't care if it happened Pierce should not have broke the gym rule.  Let em beat each other up.

GriffinQ site profile image  

11/27/11 4:59 AM by GriffinQ

 Think Story could have been more mature in his response(ie not trying to do a character assassination on Pierce), but I guess Pierce really didn't hold his tongue about Story at all...weird situation, the truth is probably more somewhere in the middle. Regardless...I was a fan of watching Story fight before this, and I'll be a fan of his after. I wasn't a huge Pierce fan, because of his openly derogatory remarks about Brazilians(I'm not a fan of most of the stuff Chael says about them either, for the record), but the guy is an entertaining fighter and I do like watching him fight. Hopefully the two of them can settle this on an upcoming card.

BrewBarry site profile image  

11/27/11 4:32 AM by BrewBarry

Story's response: http://thehorrorstory-unknown.blogspot.com/2011/11/response-to-mike-pierces-interview.html

Erik Tracey site profile image  

11/26/11 2:11 AM by Erik Tracey


DJLastCall site profile image  

11/26/11 1:28 AM by DJLastCall

I can say with 100% certainty, that the oter side of this story......is exactly the same as Pierce's. Except, White and Story would be laughing when they told it.

sickdarce site profile image  

11/25/11 11:16 PM by sickdarce


Bipolar site profile image  

11/25/11 11:13 PM by Bipolar

<blockquote>DallasVanWinkle - I live in the area and had considered checking out the gym, unfortunately I have heard a lot of bad things about Pat and this really just confirms it. <br /><br />Rick seems like he was a decent kid, he probably got taken advantage of by Pat. Don't blame Rick you guys, he trusted his coach and his coach took advantage of him.<br /><br />Super fucked up.</blockquote><br /><br />Don't blame Rick Story? He got taken advantage of? I hope you're not serious. Rick is a grown man, not a 16 year old kid. Unless he is clinically retarded, which is very possible, he is 100% responsible for his part in this garbage.

SomeoneToDoYourDirtyWork site profile image  

11/25/11 11:13 PM by SomeoneToDoYourDirtyWork

 I have done some training  in Oregon and have heard nothing but bad things about the owner/trainer of Brave Legion, from multiple sources...Pierce seems to confirm now....sad....just sad....giving a loud mouthed ego-maniac new guy the business is one thing....this is another....