Why Nick Diaz is GSP's biggest threat

by Nick Caron | source: bleacherreport.com

He's in GSP's Head

“He’s the most disrespectful human being I’ve ever met and I’m going to put the worst beating you’ve ever seen on him in the UFC.”

Those were the words Dana White revealed that Georges St-Pierre spoke to him immediately following UFC 137 when Nick Diaz had just called out the UFC welterweight champion after defeating BJ Penn.


While challengers like Matt Serra, Dan Hardy and BJ Penn pack a great punch, none of them quite have the combination of power and technique with their hands that Nick Diaz does.


As a champion, Georges St-Pierre regularly competes in five-round title fights and has trained for those contests for quite a few years now. This has typically been a huge advantage for him as many of his opponents have spent most of or their entire careers training for three-round non-title fights.

Diaz’s Improved Takedown Defense
GSP's Injury
GSP Won't Finish Diaz
Learning from Jake Shields' Mistakes
Diaz Just Doesn't Care

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Recent Comments »

willienugget site profile image  

11/28/11 12:47 AM by willienugget

My point is still there and you took it well. Margarito walked Cotto down the whole fight and eventually Miguel quit. He didn't get knocked out and the last punch he took was no more devastating than the first. He just decided he didn't want to be hit anymore. AttritionDude makes pure strikers all of a sudden decide they want to try wrestling.

Sammy Adams site profile image  

11/27/11 8:40 PM by Sammy Adams

So, assuming that GSP goes for the LNP victory (and wins a decision), we shouldn't trash GSP's strategy or lack of will to finish... he's doing everything that will score him points with judges. So until the UFC changes the criteria that fights are scored on, we'll get to see more LNP victories. I'm not the biggest fan of LNP, but can you fault the guy? Bottom line is that the longer he holds the belt, the more money he makes.

Bipolar site profile image  

11/27/11 6:14 PM by Bipolar

It also helps that Margarito plasters his hands before fights. We'll see how things go in a week.

willienugget site profile image  

11/26/11 11:47 PM by willienugget

Arguing whether he possesses one-punch knockout power is pointless. I've never seen Klitchko knock anyone out with one punch but he's got like 50 knockouts. Diaz is an attrition fighter who breaks his opponents both physically and mentally. He goes out with the intent to finish and he does that at an alarming rate.It's a different game make no mistake but go watch what Margarito did to Cotto who is leagues ahead of him in pugilistic skill. That's attrition and breaking a guy mentally then physically. If Georges truly intends to trade with Nick, he may as well give up his belt now.**GSP's striking is as underrated as Nick's grappling.

Reasonable Discourse site profile image  

11/26/11 10:32 PM by Reasonable Discourse

I love how GSP doesnt finish anyone as of late, and Diaz never gets finished, yet somehow, GSP is just going to pull it off NOW. Thats cute.

role model site profile image  

11/26/11 9:50 PM by role model

Nothing you said is wrong, but you're conveying this story like its a bad thing for GSP.Is Nick's striking better than GSP's? Yes, but not by a landslide.. GSP is honestly an underrated striker- the fact that people fear his takedown makes him a stronger striker shouldn't be held against him. It's an asset of his. His quickness and athletic ability are excellent defensive assets on the feet to prevent getting pummeled by Nick. Is Nick's BJJ better. Hmmm.. depends... His bottom game is better than GSPs bottom game- but I don't think his bottom game is better than GSP's top game, which is what will actually matter. Nick Diaz isn't exactly Jake Shields when it comes to BJJ. He is fucking good, but he isn't a huge threat to a guy like GSP on the ground. GSP on top > Nick on bottom. The gamebreaker is GSP's wrestling. He will easily take Nick down as he wants. And in the prior point, its reasonable to think that GSP's top game is better than Nick's bottom game- which is why this is bad news for Nick. He WILL get taken down by GSP, and it is unlikely that GSP will get subbed. He is too tentative, aware, atheletic, and careful on the ground. You say wrestlefucking is his only hope, as though its going to be some sort of desperate situation for GSP- but I'm fairly confident GSP will have no problem wrestlefucking him and imposing his will. It will be a textbook GSP 5 round decision victory.

stonepony site profile image  

11/26/11 9:29 PM by stonepony

You mean, if GSP is stupid and reckless like Nick, he'll lose? Doubt it. GSP always fights, you just don't like his style. You realize it takes two fighters to go to a decision right? He shuts his opponents down, leaving them helpless to do anything, and you criticize Georges? Maybe you should criticize them for not taking it to him? Koscheck's broken face was mangled.This is going to be an easy fight for Georges. And he'll probably finish Diaz early. Not because he's worried about WWF fans with sore vaginas crying about his style, but because it's the intelligent way to fight Nick. Nick's only hope is to out-pace Georges and try to win the last three rounds on points. Georges isn't going to gas, but he's also not going to be able to keep pace with Nick. So, that's why it's the strategically intelligent thing to do, to smash Diaz in the first two rounds.

Reasonable Discourse site profile image  

11/26/11 7:19 PM by Reasonable Discourse

OK, so if someone says they are a pro boxer, you are not allowed to ask about the career THEY brought up, unless you yourself are a Pro. Makes perfect UG sense.

Reasonable Discourse site profile image  

11/26/11 7:16 PM by Reasonable Discourse

Damn! FSMA is ON FIRE!!!!

FSMA site profile image  

11/26/11 7:14 PM by FSMA

Then again, it seems you are a Diaz fan. i shouldn't expect too much.