Bellator Heavyweight tourney ends with soccer kick to groin

source: The Underground

The Bellator Fighting Championships' season-five heavyweight tournament came down to Eric Prindle and Thiago Santos last night, with the winner taking the tournament crown and a title shot against Heavyweight champion Cole Konrad. But there was no winner.

Early in the first Santos soccer kicked Prindle's groin. Not a football punt against a standing opponent, but a kick the ball downfield right through the center of an open guard.

When Prindle rose, the pain was plain on his face. After conferring with New Jersey State Athletic Control Board officials, it was declared that Prindle was unable to continue. Referee Greg Frankli declined to declare a foul, and as insufficient time had passed to go to the judges score cards, the bout was a no-contest.

Prindle's twitter provides a window on the fight, from lead in, to flight home, to the NSFW results of the foul.

Well its about that time. My body is worn. My mind is strong! My heart is big. I'm going to do my best !!! For my family

I'm so sorry I guys. I should have sucked it up !!!! Better

Hay @ lest I had my kidoes now!!!!lol.

well I told the doc I was good and she said nope. I guess she thought is was a bad kick!

Swollen. A little the doc said ***Link to cannot unsee NSFW image***

I can't wait till I hobble my but home and see my wife and kids. I miss then so much!!!!

Man I'm a hurting unit right now!!!!

Sorry I didn't do better. I tried to brake his foot with my junk. Dident work

Can't wait till the rematch!!!!!!!

I hope I get to let my hands go next fight

Air planes are to small.

(Groin kick at :58 mark)



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dunc site profile image  

1/7/12 12:03 AM by dunc

NHBstriker...when did you come back from your hiatus?

BIGLuke site profile image  

11/28/11 11:51 PM by BIGLuke

his balls were done, son

gabemadrid site profile image  

11/28/11 10:42 PM by gabemadrid

I think he got kicked in the butthole and couldn't legitimately continue. Rather than admit that he went along with being kicked in the balls. I mean really what man would want to admit the first situation.

TecHNieK site profile image  

11/28/11 9:17 PM by TecHNieK

i dont blame him for not being able to continue that shit looked like it hurt

NAMBLA Man site profile image  

11/28/11 7:45 PM by NAMBLA Man

 I know my balls tend to fall out of the bottom of the cup sometimes when I fight, coulda been a direct shot to the sack if that was the case.

Cole Presley site profile image  

11/28/11 7:37 PM by Cole Presley

 in real time it looked like a clear kick to the gooch

StretchPlum site profile image  

11/28/11 1:00 AM by StretchPlum

Prindle seems like the last guy who would fake it.

CindyO site profile image  

11/28/11 12:19 AM by CindyO

 Maybe Bellator has a Twitter contest, too;) Cindy

Musashi site profile image  

11/28/11 12:17 AM by Musashi

I did NOT need to see that dude's sack.

CindyO site profile image  

11/28/11 12:14 AM by CindyO

 Toe-jam! Cindy