Bisping plans on sending Mayhem to hospital

by Damon Martin | source:

Now just days away from the fight, Bisping is more motivated than ever to dispatch of Miller when they meet in the cage. Not only did he have to deal with him for six weeks during the taping of the show, but Bisping has been paying attention to a lot of Miller’s interviews where he said that he would put the Brit away in the first round and finish the work that Dan Henderson started when they fought at UFC 100.

For all the talk, Bisping believes that Miller is legitimately underestimating him and that’s a mistake he’s very happy to capitalize on.

“He’s underestimating me, just like all opponents, the same run of events, the same things get said in every fight. ‘Oh Bisping he’s not good at this, he’s not good at that’ and they have a different opinion by the time they’re checking out of the hospital after the fight. Six of my last seven opponents, that’s where they went to the hospital, and Jason Miller’s going to be no different,” Bisping said.

“I hope he hasn’t booked an after party for after the fight cause if he does, he’s going to be spending it with a couple of nurses. I saw an interview he did recently where he said he’s going to knock me out and submit me in the first round. I’ve got to say I did laugh quite heartily when I read that. That’s what I said on the show when he said ‘I’m going to knock you out’, I said when have you knocked anyone out? When’s the last time I got submitted? Never. I’m looking forward to kicking his ass, can’t wait.”

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octowussy site profile image  

12/4/11 12:01 AM by octowussy

Bisping also said he'd be homeless and smoking crack or some other third grade bullshit. I'm sure that'll also pan out.

Etim's Scouse Dictionary site profile image  

12/3/11 11:45 PM by Etim's Scouse Dictionary

 A great read ahaha.

ramit upper site profile image  

12/3/11 11:41 PM by ramit upper

 Whaa Whaa Whaa Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bisping is a man of his word.

ProteinPower site profile image  

12/3/11 10:53 PM by ProteinPower


StratTone site profile image  

11/29/11 9:28 AM by StratTone

Man it sure seems a lot of people are counting Bisping out on this one. I really think this is going to be a great fight. You have Miller with a hell of a chin so you can count on Bisping not getting the knock out and you have bisping who isn't easy to submit. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a great fight to me. I'm pulling for Miller but I will admit there seems to be more chances for Bisping to win. But I have faith in Miller!!!!

KneeToFaceKo site profile image  

11/29/11 7:51 AM by KneeToFaceKo


Jaybrone site profile image  

11/29/11 6:06 AM by Jaybrone

 I think Bisping will win and I do think he was given yet another favorable match-up. I don't want him to win and I am damn sure not counting out Miller. I will even bet on Miller the odds are to good to pass up. But the UFC needs to stop protecting Bisping and make him fight top level competition.

Sonnen Fanboy site profile image  

11/29/11 5:52 AM by Sonnen Fanboy

Lol u must be new to mma if u need meSchool you on fuckin mayhem killer u twit!

ProteinPower site profile image  

11/29/11 5:42 AM by ProteinPower

Ok Mr. MMAEXPERT, thats why they are the bookies and your some smartass biased kid. Who has Mayhem beaten in the last few years to justify him being the favorite in this fight?

ProteinPower site profile image  

11/29/11 5:39 AM by ProteinPower

How do you rank Hendo in the MW top 10 when he fights at LHW? EVERY MMA WEBSITE HAS BISPING IN THE TOP 10 - argue with it all you like; im done with this subject. Come fight night crows will be flyin' and they will be the silent type of crows with no beak.