Vitor Belfort training with GSP gallery


Alvaro Romano introduced his unique Animal Gymnastics training to GSP. Also at the training was UFC star Vitor Belfort.

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12/3/11 5:20 PM by Entreri


ortman166 site profile image  

12/3/11 3:35 PM by ortman166

Lol exactly that would last all of about 1 minutes with gsp faceplanted

Wicked Enzo site profile image  

11/30/11 1:11 PM by Wicked Enzo

Not if your a GSP fan

Sprawl'n'Stall site profile image  

11/30/11 12:28 PM by Sprawl'n'Stall

Thanks to you guys I checked the pics again for GSP body hair, tan, and package. Is this the UG or some gay sauna gossip forum?Was this training in Montreal, or in Brazil, or ???

suess site profile image  

11/30/11 10:58 AM by suess

 do you really think GSP would date me?!   *gasp* 

Jsteven site profile image  

11/30/11 10:55 AM by Jsteven

 Suess, his eternal defender.

stuvelo site profile image  

11/30/11 10:49 AM by stuvelo

no nudes?? i am dissapoint

Headkick420 site profile image  

11/30/11 1:26 AM by Headkick420

Why? I would enjoy watching GSP box with Vitor.

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11/29/11 9:09 PM by 5pointer

friggin hilarious!