Referee defends Bellator nut punt decision

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Saturday night, at The Bellator Fighting Championships' season-five heavyweight tournament finale, Thiago Santos was controlling Eric Prindle pretty handily, until he punt kicked the prone Prindle in the junk.

Had the punt been ruled intentional, Santos likely would have been disqualified, and Prindle would have taken the tournament crown, a six-figure payout, and a title shot against Heavyweight champion Cole Konrad.  However, the bout was declared a No Contest, after the referee Greg Franklin determined the kick was unintentional, and Prindle was unable to continue.

Prindle has publicly questioned how the kick could have been ruled unintentional.

The referee disagrees. "It looked like he was trying to kick the back of his hamstring," Franklin said. "And when he swung his leg, it caught [Prindle] right between the legs," Franklin said on Tuesday. "So, I didn't deem that it was intentional."

"I had to pull (Thiago Santos') trainer in because he doesn't speak English, and I tried to explain to him what was going on. He tried to plead his case and basically state that he wasn't going for the groin, which I had already made my decision that I didn't think it was an intentional shot.

"It wouldn't have mattered whether he pleaded his case or not. I'd already made my decision, and I wasn't going to change my decision."

Bellator will book a rematch in 2012 to decide the tournament champion.

Prindle's swollen nut, which is currently having its 15 minutes of fame, has been prescribed  an anti-inflammatory steroid.

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Br0ckFnSams0n site profile image  

12/1/11 10:37 PM by Br0ckFnSams0n

I will add that to my repertoire, seems quite handy. I will be certain to credit you with any success.

crowbar site profile image  

11/30/11 4:51 PM by crowbar

Yes,that`s what I`m saying. And by the way,not necessarily targeting the tailbone,but at least the butt cheeks.

Br0ckFnSams0n site profile image  

11/30/11 4:45 PM by Br0ckFnSams0n

So you're saying you get swept alot?

McBottery site profile image  

11/30/11 3:32 PM by McBottery

Tailbone is part of the spine bro.  Also I'm sure it would be pretty damn hard to target the tailbone without clipping the balls pretty often.

crowbar site profile image  

11/30/11 11:34 AM by crowbar

 I would have kicked him in the buttocks/tailbone myself.Just like if I`m in a guys guard,he is getting knee`d in the tailbone over & over with bad intentions.  

fabes site profile image  

11/30/11 11:12 AM by fabes

He's saying he wasn't aiming for his groin? So he was aiming for what then?

IfapouttoBrenchael site profile image  

11/30/11 10:26 AM by IfapouttoBrenchael

his big toe must still reek...

crazydave site profile image  

11/30/11 10:12 AM by crazydave

 ttt for the nut.

Devlin site profile image  

11/30/11 9:33 AM by Devlin

Very odd time to employ the kongo technique. Based on the pure stupidity of it you could argue it was unintentional.