Brandao: I want to be UFC champion

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What would it mean to you to become this year's winner of The Ultimate Fighter?
It would mean I could make my mom's dream come true, that she could own a house. She works so hard to pay her rent. I've been working here for three years for a reason and that's to try to make money to help my family and people in Brazil. I don't want to be a superstar -- if you want to be a superstar you go to Hollywood -- but I do want to make money by fighting. I want to buy a house for my mom. And I also want to be proud of myself, and that will come with winning in the UFC.

Do you view yourself as a future UFC featherweight champion?
I definitely want to have a chance to fight for the belt some day. Jose Aldo is my friend and he's making my country very proud. He's the best in my weight class and I would have a lot of business to take care of before I'd be able to fight him. But I want to become a UFC champion.

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LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

12/2/11 1:44 PM by LilBrockonmychest

lol...didn't mean to strike a nerve there sailor. Just pointing out the fact that this guy is getting beat on lower level cards in small towns. In these small shows, he is neither the main even nor co-main event and losing more often than someone being dubbed a UFC champ or contender should be losing.

BrokeLesnar site profile image  

12/2/11 12:13 PM by BrokeLesnar

Mr. Neil Funk ladies and gentlement!

Atkinson site profile image  

12/2/11 12:02 PM by Atkinson

Don't count Bermudez out.. He took some heavy hits in his first fight to get into the house and never slowed down.. Whereas Diegos one trick is big hits and he was slowing down dramatically in his fight with Caraway.

Neil Funk site profile image  

12/2/11 11:36 AM by Neil Funk

 Diego is not a good guy. I hope his dream of being a champion is never fulfilled, and a PPV with Diego Brandao defending a title is one I will not purchase. The type of macho, hate-filled attitude that he displays is bad for the sport. I hope he is defeated violently and then sent packing from the UFC with his shitty attitude and unimpressive record.

The Academy site profile image  

12/2/11 11:32 AM by The Academy

LOL @ thinking Louisiana and Arkansas are "bumfcuk".

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

12/1/11 10:36 PM by LilBrockonmychest

LOL at you crying because some people don't agree that he will be a future contender or champ.You do realize he's lost 7 times and been finished in 5 of them right? And those finishes were in small shows in bumfuck Arkansas and Louisana.

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

12/1/11 10:33 PM by LilBrockonmychest

Different weight classes

RedVexx site profile image  

12/1/11 9:48 PM by RedVexx

Both the guys he beat should have never been fighters to begin with but he looked impressive. How come he is not going against Dodson? That is the fight I wanted to see.

bram site profile image  

12/1/11 9:31 PM by bram

I wanna be a UFC champion one day too! This is crazy news!

Spoonie Luv site profile image  

12/1/11 9:27 PM by Spoonie Luv

Dude beat the piss out of that wrestler guy. Complete mauling