Bisping: I've got this guy beat in all areas

by Duane Finley | source:

On paper, the matchup between Bisping and Miller would appear to be a classic striker vs. grappler affair. Bisping has a solid kickboxing pedigree and his takedown defense has allowed him to keep fights where he needs them. Throughout his career, Miller has used wrestling and pressure to gain the edge on his opponents. But even in those departments, “The Count” feels his opponent is outmatched.

"I'm a better striker," Bisping said. "I’m 10 times the boxer he will ever be. I’m a better kickboxer and wrestler. I’m bigger, stronger and faster than he is. I’m more athletic and experienced. I’ve fought in the UFC for over six years. Miller's big thing is the ground game, but I’ve fought in jiu-jitsu in one form or another since I was 8 years old. I’ve never been submitted in my life, so I don’t see him having the advantage there.

"He's good at taking the back and choking people out, but I guarantee you right now that won't be happening. I'll end up taking him down and pounding him out. I've watched him and he has no attacks from his back. I've got this guy beat in all areas."

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ramit upper site profile image  

12/4/11 7:02 AM by ramit upper

I laughed  

ramit upper site profile image  

12/4/11 7:01 AM by ramit upper

 Oh really?

ausgepicht site profile image  

12/3/11 4:12 PM by ausgepicht

You again? Did you not watch the fight? It is WELL KNOWN that his corner screamed to NOT circle into the power hand for the ENTIRE fight.    Only 11ers would comment on a fight they never even saw. Unbelievable. Bringing this site down.

3rdLion site profile image  

12/3/11 4:05 PM by 3rdLion

He got caught once circling into the power hand and it's only since Henderson said that was what Bisping tended to do that you all stated copying what he said.

ausgepicht site profile image  

12/3/11 3:55 PM by ausgepicht

Habit? Not buying it. He's not an automaton or android and he DID have a training camp.  

Devlin site profile image  

12/3/11 7:11 AM by Devlin

He trained for over a year to circle away from Leben( a southpaws) power hand, and it just became habit. His striking always looked better before that fight.

frederic site profile image  

12/2/11 8:48 PM by frederic


ausgepicht site profile image  

12/2/11 8:16 PM by ausgepicht

What is this "kickboxing pedigree" that Bisping always brings up? His British titles? Really? they not know how to circle away from the power hand in British kickboxing?

Devlin site profile image  

12/2/11 8:15 PM by Devlin

Except he is a life long martial artist and he did say it. He's talking about mma, talking about fighting a submission guy, in his life he has never been submitted in an mma bout, therefore he said i have never been subbed in my life, obviously meaning to anyone with a brain, he hasnt been tapped in mma.

TimboSlice site profile image  

12/2/11 7:45 PM by TimboSlice

Bitchping saying he's a better wrestler and better at BJJ than Mayhem was an excellent laugh.