Bisping: The worst thing you can possibly do is piss me off


"I could have sat on my ass for the last six months, eating pizza, and I could still beat Jason Miller. The fact is I just did a training camp like I'm fighting Anderson Silva. So, it doesn't bode well for Jason."

"With me, the worst thing you can possibly do is piss me off. The worst thing because you'll be in for an ass kicking."

"He's basically underestimated me. He's completely discrediting me as a mixed martial artist and I take that very seriously. I take offense to that. And I'm going to take that offense out on his face."


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Savron site profile image  

12/3/11 5:46 PM by Savron

What insolence you muppet?This is what shits me about you Spitpsping nut huggers, Mayhem was pretty respectful on TUF14. But apparently all Mayhems smack talk was edited and they left all the Bisping shittalk in...what bollocks ..this is just an assumption, "it apparently " happened , none of you Spotping nuthuggers know this for certain..One thing that is for certain is that Michael Bisping is an uneducated, unprofessional, overated UFC fighter. And after Mayhem finishes him, all he will have left is to run his potty mouth and say sorry for being dehydrated, cause thats why he lost, bullshit bullshit baked beans bullshitMost hated fighter in UFC....yeah but you give us reasons to hate you Bisping , and so do your fans

twodragunns site profile image  

12/3/11 5:11 PM by twodragunns

My money is on Pisstain, but would really like to lose my $$ just to see Pisstain snore ...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

shugerrush site profile image  

12/3/11 5:03 PM by shugerrush

I dont know how this fight will turn out.... but i am praying to the gods of jelly that miller chokes bisping out

octowussy site profile image  

12/3/11 4:05 PM by octowussy

Who's Badman?

Mc6pack site profile image  

12/3/11 4:01 PM by Mc6pack

Its crazy how people utterly disrespect Bisping at any given opportunity, support public smear campaign against him and then whinge when he inturn shows no respect HAHAHAHAHA.How many people were outraged at the things Mayhem has been saying.. none, cause you all say the same things anyway.I was shaking my head watching the weigh in outburst but when I sit back and look at the whole situation I'm glad that Mike gave the american public a few "fuck you's" as you generally deserve it for the complete lack of respect you have shown this fighter who has competed at the highest level of the sport for the last 6 years.You force him into the badman role and then whinge when he gives you the badman you want. I personally wish he could drop it, but its far too late for that now, you have created a monster.

ausgepicht site profile image  

12/3/11 3:49 PM by ausgepicht

This is why Bisping isn't trolling. He is actually ignorant, hypocritical, and oblivious. He's just not very intelligent or emotionally mature. It's not a troll or an act.  

OceanMinded site profile image  

12/3/11 3:30 PM by OceanMinded

Please, please please humiliate this guy Mayhem. It's ok to be a fighter and have humility as well as respect for your opponent.I'm disappointed that Bisping didn't learn that after the Henderson fight.

ufcman187 site profile image  

12/3/11 3:27 PM by ufcman187

[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=]GIFSoup[/URL]fingers crossed !

ufcman187 site profile image  

12/3/11 3:21 PM by ufcman187


frederic site profile image  

12/3/11 3:19 PM by frederic

Also: soccer kicked a dozen or more times and keep going by Trigg. Bisping may try strikes to a downed opponent too, but it will cost him a slap on the wrist again.