Spike exec: Wrong Lesnar showed at TUF 13

by Nate Wilcox | source: sbnation.com

Brock Lesnar is one of the most compelling and polarizing figures in mixed martial arts. When he agreed to be the coach on the 13 edition of The Ultimate Fighter versus the affable Junior Dos Santos, expectations for the show soared, after a general feeling that the formula was a little stale.

There was a widespread sense of surprise that the notoriously private Lesnar, who built his training camp into his home, would spend six weeks in Vegas with cameras on him constantly for a reality show. And there was a widespread expectation that Lesnar would rant, break things, bully his team, frighten the camera crew, snarl at Dos Santos, that he would be more compelling than Kimbo Slice.

Didn't happen. Instead Lesnar ended up being a pretty good coach.

In addition, mid way through the series Lesnar's diverticulitis returned and the planned fight with Dos Santos was scrapped.

Ratings ended up being  the lowest in the show's six year run. As Spike TV President Kevin Kay acknowledged in a recent interview with Jack Encarnacao, Brock Lesnar made for boring reality TV.

"Look, the Brock Lesnar season just wasn't that good," said Kay. "Let's be honest. It wasn't the Brock that the audience expected. The audience wanted Brock the bad guy, and Brock was more of a good guy, and I don't think it was that great a season."

That's the thing about a reality show that asks a proud professional athlete to do his best coaching a team of athletes who aspire to his achievement. You can't ask for anything more than the truth. Brock Lesnar may be pretty wound up and unbearable before and after his fights, but as a coach on a reality show, he's a fairly low key guy.

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JeremyLambert88 site profile image  

12/8/11 12:34 AM by JeremyLambert88

SpikeTV had their expectations too high with Lesnar.People want to see Lesnar fight, not many people really cared to see him coach. They'll want to see the coaches, but only if there's some heat between the two. There was no heat between Brock and JDS, because, how the hell can anyone dislike JDS? Lesnar doesn't put on a front like some people think. He's not going to play the heel just because that's what people expect of him. If they wanted Lesnar at his best, they should have had Mir as the opposing coach.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

12/8/11 12:22 AM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Even if youre right, this has absolutely nothing to do with this read. at least read the freaking OP

smoogy site profile image  

12/8/11 12:06 AM by smoogy

 Nobody showed up to watch him watch unknown fighters fight. The assumption that people cared about that as much as they cared about watching him fight was wrong. And if they were banking on him doing some crazy WWE stuff over the course of the show that they could build their press material around, then no wonder Spike blows so much

FortyKoatz site profile image  

12/8/11 12:02 AM by FortyKoatz

Chicken shit imo.

Territory site profile image  

12/7/11 11:51 PM by Territory

This. Brock is respectful (mostly) when his opponent is respectful: Randy, Carwin, JDS. And he's not when they're not: Mir, Heath.

ufcman187 site profile image  

12/7/11 10:56 PM by ufcman187

will be 100% honest here. I'll take Brock/Dos Santos over Miller/Bisping ( which i only watched 2 episodes ) or Faber/Cruz ( which I won't watch 1 episode of ). I am tired of seeing Faber and Kenflo getting title shots. So much for you to market. Diaz/Condit, Edgar/Henderson, Sonnen/Brazil...aka Wanderlei, Belfort, Thiago Silva, or Shogun. Rampage/King Mo, Hell, I'de take Roy Nelson vs a Big Mac over Cruz/Faber

sewich site profile image  

12/7/11 6:23 PM by sewich

pretty sure if lesnar wanted to play a part he would do it in the WWE where they paid him better.I agree with the poster that said if Mir had been the other coach things probably would have been different.

TapoutT1978 site profile image  

12/7/11 6:13 PM by TapoutT1978

Article should read:Spike Exec: We don't know what the fuck we're doing.Seriously, you think he's gonna come out in his WWE get up? WTF?

stonepony site profile image  

12/7/11 5:34 PM by stonepony

The people who think he's some kind of villain are just watching too much WWF fake-wrestling. I haven't seen Lesnar being obnoxious or offensive or angry. All he's ever done is say he's going to win and how he's going to win. What fighter doesn't do that?Even after the bogus first fight with Mir he congratulated Mir for being the better fighter. Mir ran his mouth, as if that stoppage didn't save him, and Lesnar rubbed his nose in it after the rematch. It was appropriate.

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

12/7/11 4:31 PM by The Notorious OMG

The Notorious OMG to Spike exec: "fuck your mother"