Mir on Brock's Fox commentary: Cut the mic

source: mmaweighin.com

"Brock did such a great job," Mir said obvious sarcasm. "I don't know if I could ever replace that. He was so articulate and well-spoken that I think he pretty much slammed it into the ground."

"I don't even know how to make a joke about it. You know how bad it was? … I felt bad for watching it. I know it's bad when me, when I feel bad for him. I'm like 'Man, someone just cut the mic …"

"I think I could have pulled it off a little bit better. I think obviously it will be competitive when we fight each other, but as far as speaking terms, not so much."

"I threw my hat into the ring and mentioned I would be definitely interested in breaking down fights, from a broadcaster point of view … I am proficient at that."

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12/7/11 10:16 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 As cocky as he is... he is right lol!!!!!!!

kevsh site profile image  

12/7/11 8:05 PM by kevsh

I think the problem is that Mir considers himself so much more intelligent and articulate than other heavyweights it's a shot to his ego that these same men are better fighters.

catch waves site profile image  

12/7/11 6:34 PM by catch waves

Mir suddenly talking trash on both Lesnar and Overeem... the two guys in his division who happen to be in title contention?Not a coincidence it's just under a month out from UFC 141 and the week before his fight with Big Nog. He's clearly taking the Chael Sonnen route and trying to get a rise out of either guy to fast track himself into a title shot should he get past Nog.I bet he sat down and carefully planned these statements out to be outspoken enough to attract attention and possibly get under Brock/Reems skin while not sounding completely ridiculous at the same time.Frank Mir's trollin like a pro.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

12/7/11 5:49 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 mir is smart, and good on the mic

JeremyLambert88 site profile image  

12/7/11 4:14 PM by JeremyLambert88

Dana was the worst of the three on that night. Brock was perfectly accepted. Maybe it was because most of us had low expectations for him so they were easy to surpass, but it didn't come off clueless or overbearing. He had a presence about him and let you know what he thought.Dana, as usual, was yelling into the mic and then saying stupid stuff after the fight.

303 site profile image  

12/7/11 4:07 PM by 303

I really hope we won't ever have to watch Brock beat Mir up again.

K Tub D site profile image  

12/7/11 4:04 PM by K Tub D

I hope there not Brock's, Look at how that strawberry thing worked out for Frank

LbowtheMEAThead site profile image  

12/7/11 3:59 PM by LbowtheMEAThead

thats a stupid arguement thats like saying hey lets go out back and play NFL, or Johnny is trying out for the high school NBA team.

GSPtruefan site profile image  

12/7/11 3:42 PM by GSPtruefan

He said that Brock was a better fighter but he was a better talking which sounded fair and right to me.