Rashad to Phil Davis: I'm going to touch you worse than Jerry Sandusky did

source: ufc.com

Both Chael Sonnen and Rashad Evans were present at the UFC on FOX 2 press conference earlier today (video below). And it was Rashad Evans who offered the most cutting remarks about his opponent, by far.

"I'll bet you won't be able to put your hands on me," said Evans of his Penn State alum opponent Phil Davis. "I'll bet you'll be the first one to take a shot. I guarantee you'll be the first one to take a shot, 'cuz I'm gonna put those hands on you worse than that other dude did at Penn State."

Evans' remarks come after Davis early last month said that he hated to see Joe Paterno leave.

Davis appeared to laugh it off at the time, but subsequent reactions online were harsh:

"Evans' Sandusky comment hits low note"  (ESPN.com)
"Rashad Evans' joke about the Penn State scandal is no laughing matter" (Bloody Elbow)
"Rashad Evans unnecessarily crosses a line with Penn State retort to UFC on Fox 2 opponent Phil Davis"  (MMA Torch)
"...unfortunate message coming out of the UFC on FOX 2 press conference..."  (MMAmania.com)

Evans says he just wants to put on a show. "People want to be entertained," he said to MMA Fighting. "I want to entertain myself. I have plenty of respect for him as a fighter and as a person. But when it comes to competing with me, I've got to let my mouth go a little bit."

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SHOOTMedia site profile image  

4/26/13 11:19 AM by SHOOTMedia

Phil Davis on TheSHOOT!

YukiNakai'sEye site profile image  

4/26/13 10:22 AM by YukiNakai'sEye

Is this the real B-Hop?

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4/26/13 9:56 AM by Kostakio


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4/26/13 9:49 AM by BernardHopkins


Ronin Burgundy site profile image  

12/9/11 3:45 PM by Ronin Burgundy

So saying someone gave them self cancer is ok but Michael Jackson jokes are off limits?? Got it.

wink91wink site profile image  

12/9/11 3:32 PM by wink91wink

The people saying, "if chael would have said it everyone would think it was hilarious", you are being ignorant. Chael may joke on Brazilians and all that but he wouldn't go as far as to make a joke about little kids being raped. As out there as Chael is, the man doesn't go that far beyond the line. He may be a bit out of line at times, but I mean for crying out loud the dude doesn't even curse.

KingD87 site profile image  

12/8/11 9:31 PM by KingD87

It was a bit disturbing considering Rashad actually had has son on his lap for most of the conference.But everyone laughed so it's not as bad as it sounds, IMO.

mdh2k10 site profile image  

12/8/11 8:44 PM by mdh2k10

 he really does wrestlefuck people

ender852 site profile image  

12/8/11 8:42 PM by ender852

this +1,000,000Trying to defend Paterno or anyone on the athletic program that knew about Sandusky and the only thing they did was "take his locker room keys away" are total fucking wastes of human beings. Making or laughing at a joke is one thing, allowing more kids to get raped through your own fucking inaction when you knew about it is disgusting and unforgivable.Penn state will be forever tainted by this scandal and will never recover from it.