GSP details knee injury, says 'I will be champion again''

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

"A few months ago I was on top of the world and I'm now I'm in a downfall," St-Pierre said. "But you recognize a champion from how he comes back from things that don't go well. Everybody that says bad things and says bad stuff about me right now, mark my words. I'm going to tell you right now, I'm in a downfall in my life, but in a few months, I'll be back stronger than ever, and I will be champion again. I promise."

St-Pierre said on Wednesday that he hurt himself while wrestling. He heard a crack and felt pain but tried to continue. However, consistent instability in his right leg led him to believe something more severe than originally thought. He eventually visited his orthopedist, Dr. Sebastien Simard, and an MRI showed a complete tear of his ACL as well as a smaller tear in his meniscus.

St-Pierre said he believed that overcompensating for that injury with his healthy leg may have led to more problems.

"I believe there is only one person to blame for what happened and it's myself," he said. "I'm the kind of guy, I endure pain and go through it. I learned a big lesson in my life. It's going to make me stronger, smarter and more clever."

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MPA site profile image  

12/8/11 6:08 PM by MPA

What is with the high rate of training injuries from MMA UFC fighters? I swear, you guys have to have the highest injuries from training in any sport or other MMA event.Stop training like you are fighting. It is called sparring for a reason. You are only contacting at half speed and half power.

kinkle site profile image  

12/8/11 5:33 PM by kinkle

You said it is only 10 months, then said we have no idea how long it will be. You don't even know wtf you are talking about, if we have no clue how long it'll be, you of course strip him.ACL injuries are very serious, it seems you are clueless about them and how long they could possible take to recover from. I am starting to think you are trolling, people have explained it to you multiple times, and it still can't get through your thick skull. There IS no solid timetable for his return, being stripped is not a punishment (how do you not understand this?). It is similar to the Mir situation because they should both be stripped, Mir was expected to return, I don't know what the fuck you are talking about. They stripped him because he was not able to fight for the interim belt unification after Arlovski won it against Sylvia, just like GSP will not be able to do. It is different in the fact that it is two different injuries, but you are a moron if you think the reasoning for being stripped is any different. Don't be stupid, look at it rationally.

THP site profile image  

12/8/11 1:07 PM by THP

LOL at the notion of him training on it. Okay, George.

EnderTL site profile image  

12/8/11 12:36 PM by EnderTL

In other words, you have no intelligent response. Congrats.

EnderTL site profile image  

12/8/11 12:25 PM by EnderTL

If a doctor report comes saying it will be longer then 10 months, or that it will be an indefinite time, then alright.Right now the preliminary analysis is roughly 10 months.You guys are really giving up your agenda by pushing so hard to have his title stripped when we have no idea how long it will be.Once again. If the champ is out due to injury and is expected to return it makes no sense to take the belt. Whoever wins it after that is the interim champ anyway.Just have an interim belt.If in a couple of months there is still no solid timeline for his return then it should be considered turning the interim belt into the undisputed belt. Not within a week of learning about the injury.@kinkle you stated multiple times this should be treated like the Mir situation. Now you reply with "no shit it's not like the Mir situation". You have been exposed.

SinCityHustler site profile image  

12/8/11 12:19 PM by SinCityHustler

ha Ha Lol @ you telling me how things work.  Lets pick this conversation back up when you pass tenth grade.  It will make much more sense to you then.    

Snappy Whistleteeth site profile image  

12/8/11 11:37 AM by Snappy Whistleteeth

What a strange post/observation.  A lot of inbreeding going on in the boondocks huh Josh?

Jetster site profile image  

12/8/11 11:29 AM by Jetster

Striped Title or not He is the best WW alive the Sport has ever had, he has beaten the toughest competition of any Champ Arguably...for him it might be a money thing, If stripped he is not labelled as the Champ and that can affect endorsements ect....1 thing for sure this will cost him a shit load of money!

RifatSahin site profile image  

12/8/11 9:58 AM by RifatSahin

Don't be scared homie...!! ( just kidding. As far as i don't like him, i wish him well!! )

buckshot44 site profile image  

12/8/11 9:57 AM by buckshot44

Meh, i am not impressed by your performance GSP.